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Medicine Woman
Intuitive Healer
Mindfulness Practitioner
Herbal Goddess
Spiritual Midwife

Theses are a few titles I have been given over the years. For the most part, I support women awaken the deep wisdom we carry within our souls, so our best lives shine through.

Soul Care University

Ancient Wisdom For Modern Times

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 soulcareuniversityAwaken Your Divine Feminine with Grandmother Moon

This 13 month journey is intended to support your personal soul work and awaken your feminine power. You will learn personal ritual, connect with our Nature Divas, the moon’s energy and enjoy two meditations or healing transmissions each month.


 Intuitive Herbal Mentor Academy 

Our e-program focuses on the wise woman way of healing with herbs and nature.  You deepen your relationships with the plants, our environment and ourselves.

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Ancient Wisdom For Modern Times

Intuitive, Earth-Centered, Soul Support