Welcome Home!

You found us. Yes, we are your kin and we are here to support you in ways you have dreamed about.

I create sacred spaces for you to remember your Souls origin.  You have been traveling a long time,  let me create a soft and safe place for you to land.  Your inner wisdom is calling you, its time to let go, so your true essence can shine through.

My name is Chonteau. Let me support you.  Give yourself permission to be held by Love as you uncover who you really are. Underneath the limiting thoughts, self doubts and feelings of not good enough there is a Star Seed waiting to be born. She waits to be nourished, so she can burst through the earth like a new shoot in Spring.

Are you ready for the greatest journey of your life? I am! Lets Go!


 S.A.C.R.E.D. Healers Shamanic Apprenticeship

The 2018-2019 Sacred Healers Program is a Women’s Initiation Program.  It is intended to be one step of the many steps you will take on your journey with shamanism.  I do not boast of all you will learn in the shamanic arts, however,  I do hold a space for being committed to walk with you, as you open to parts of yourself you have not yet visited.

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Talking to Folk Healers about Folk Wisdom and Creating a Space for Remembering

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