A Mother’s Gift From Beyond The Veil

Mom and Me 1980

Mom and Me 1980

I could not have imagined my mother still being able to mother me from “heaven”.  It seems so strange to think that the quirky 12 year old, whose mother passed away in the mist of her rocky adolescent relationship, could develop the most loving and trusting relationship with her mother even from beyond the veil.

Yes it is true mom died when I was just emerging as a young women. For most of my teenage years and early adulthood I felt like an orphan.  However, somehow I knew she as never far away.  I remember countless dreams of her warning me of people to stay away from and places that were not for me.  Sometimes I had that eerie feeling that she was standing right next to me.  My father used to tell me that he could hear  her walking through the house when we were sleeping. I could feel her in the passenger seat, while I  learned how to drive and even today she is my side seat driver.  For many years I could smell her Chanel # 5 perfume lingering in the car when she was with me.

Mom was in the hospital when my first son was born and I saw her in the emergency room as our second baby died. Yes, mom has always been there and not just as the silent spirit.  She offers me guidance when I am confused,  she has words of comfort when I have been sad and boy can she dance and celebrate with me too. Over the years our relationship has grown in the most amazing ways.

Mom  will always be there no matter what.   She has no more pain, not a worry in the world and  she is not bound by human laws.  She is free, pure love, light and  joy.  She is the Divine Mother in me,  we are one.  I am grateful for the gifts, she has given me, from beyond the veil.  She has reminds me, to  live for me and  to create from my heart,

I look forward to spending an eternity with mom.  I look forward to the wisdom she shares everyday in the form of inspiration, but most of all I love the way I have grown to  mother myself, because I have had the best teacher.

Mom and Dad 1979

Mom and Dad 1979


Author: Chonteáu

Often called a Modern Day Medicine Woman, Chonteau offers soul support and guidance to her clients. She specializes in soul retrieval, archetypical and deep soul work. She mainly supports Lightworkers and healers feel more grounded and centered while balancing their practices and their personal lives.

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