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A Mother’s Gift From Beyond The Veil

Mom and Me 1980

Mom and Me 1980

I could not have imagined my mother still being able to mother me from “heaven”.  It seems so strange to think that the quirky 12 year old, whose mother passed away in the mist of her rocky adolescent relationship, could develop the most loving and trusting relationship with her mother even from beyond the veil.

Yes it is true mom died when I was just emerging as a young women. For most of my teenage years and early adulthood I felt like an orphan.  However, somehow I knew she as never far away.  I remember countless dreams of her warning me of people to stay away from and places that were not for me.  Sometimes I had that eerie feeling that she was standing right next to me.  My father used to tell me that he could hear  her walking through the house when we were sleeping. I could feel her in the passenger seat, while I  learned how to drive and even today she is my side seat driver.  For many years I could smell her Chanel # 5 perfume lingering in the car when she was with me.

Mom was in the hospital when my first son was born and I saw her in the emergency room as our second baby died. Yes, mom has always been there and not just as the silent spirit.  She offers me guidance when I am confused,  she has words of comfort when I have been sad and boy can she dance and celebrate with me too. Over the years our relationship has grown in the most amazing ways.

Mom  will always be there no matter what.   She has no more pain, not a worry in the world and  she is not bound by human laws.  She is free, pure love, light and  joy.  She is the Divine Mother in me,  we are one.  I am grateful for the gifts, she has given me, from beyond the veil.  She has reminds me, to  live for me and  to create from my heart,

I look forward to spending an eternity with mom.  I look forward to the wisdom she shares everyday in the form of inspiration, but most of all I love the way I have grown to  mother myself, because I have had the best teacher.

Mom and Dad 1979

Mom and Dad 1979

Sweet Summer Solstice

Summer Mandala

Summer Mandala

Do you remember summer’s long days and shorts nights? I do.  I also remember the Florida afternoon rains and the sweltering heat only a child could love.  Summer meant no school and playing all day well past the  nine o’clock hour. We played in the orange groves by day and waited for the heat to become unbearable at which time we splashed in each others sprinklers and waited for the ice cream truck to make his rounds.  We  would wait for the first star of the evening so we could make a wish and continue playing well into the night.

I never formally celebrated the summer solstice, but my mother kept us close to the earths rhythms and that was good enough.  I did not need to know anything about the summer solstice to know summer was about fun, magic, high energy and connecting with family and friends.

My children on the other hand,  know all about Earth Based Spirituality and  creating sacred memories on the summer solstice is just one of our family rituals.  For some cultures the festivities begin as early as mid June and continue until June 25th.  The summer solstice marks the longest day of the year, no other day in the year will the sun makes its presence more known.  In the days leading up to the summer solstice I hear the landscape calling me, her whispers become loud in my spirit and I must be among my green flowering family. It is believed thatC6D39F37-7171-4A80-9FF1-463D9EDB5368 the plants’ communication with humans is heightened during the eve of the summer solstice and the herbs you gather during this night  have the greatest medicine than any other time of year. This is the time to gather your herbs to make vinegars, teas and dream pillows for the coming months..

Because I am such a green witch and believe we can all benefit from sacred ceremony, I want to share some of the things I do this time of year to honor the energy of the season which is fullness, passion, energy, movement, fun and action dreaming.


  1. Make a super summer solstice sun tea~ In the morning sun, I go around the garden and gratefully clip flowers and leaves from all of my edible plants.  Placing them in a clear jar I pour heated water over them and place the jar in the sun to bask all day.  As I clip the plants I sing my affirmations of gratitude for the blessing in my life. 9D7C64F6-19A2-4694-AA62-BAF5F91F6B25
  2. Make a summer wreath to adorn your crown.  I use virginia creeper, passion flower  vine or wild grape vine to make a wreath.  I add what ever is flowering in the garden.  It is such a fun way to honor my inner girl and remind her that summer is for fun, family and friends.
  3. Make a summer mandala. A mandala is a sacred symbol that represents wholeness and the infinite universe. I like to create personal  mandalas to represent my wholeness and my connection to infinite wisdom. In summer I use flowers and petals in honor of our blooming summer consciousness.
Creating a Summer Mandala

Creating a Summer Mandala

These are just a few things you can do this summer solstice to bring magic and love to your life.

Have an amazing summer season.

If you want to know more about how to embrace your inner mystic, check out my webclass Mindful Messaging.  My new webclass Natural Rhythms Living In Harmony With Earth Mother will be released very soon.

Make Your Own Kombucha Part 2

In my last video I showed you how to grow you own SCOBY and make your first batch of kombucha.   In this next video I show you what to do next. Now that you have a healthy SCOBY  and your first kombucha it is time to keep it going so you can benefit from the endless health benefits of this amazing fermented drink.

A few points on kombucha and what it is good for:

  1. promotes healthy gut flora which leads to a healthy immune system.
  2. improves digestion
  3. improves energy
  4. cancer preventive
  5. supports natural bodily  detoxification process

These are just a few things kombucha and other fermented foods and drink can do for our bodies. Also when you make your own kombucha and grow your own SCOBY’s  you get the full benefit of multiple healthy bacterial strains in each batch and they  become stronger.  HOORAY for our gut!.

I know my videos do not have the most sophisticated equipment and I am not always neat  and tidy but we use what we have and do the best that we can.  Enjoy part two and let me know what you think.

Create A Spiritual Notebook

Creating A Spiritual Notebook

I started writing in a journal when I was 11 years old. It became my friend and my closest confidant in my times of need. As you can imagine my journal writing has taken on many themes and continues to be one of the best tools I have used to sort through  my thoughts and feelings.  There is however another writing tool that I have come to love as well.  This writing tool is called a Spiritual Notebook.  It is quite  different but the same in that it serves as a place to sort through my thoughts and feelings but goes a little bit further.

My spiritual awakening started in my early twenties.  It was then that I found myself spending lots of time exploring my inner most thoughts, developing my meditative and spiritual practices and learning about ways to live in harmony with the earth.  These teachings were profound and I found my sense of reality was changing at every turn.  I found this process  both fascinating and challenging.  What challenged me was, my inability to remember all the spiritual highlights of my journeys.  These highlights were important to me, and I wanted a way to refer back to my meditations, dreams, and insights from my time in nature.  I wanted to remember working with with my inner archetypes and write about the different rituals I had created for inner peace. When I learned about a spiritual notebook the idea seemed perfect.

I could create a notebook that would contain all of my spiritual  experiences and the lessons they held.  I could process my feelings about all that was occurring in my life as it pertained to my spirituality.  All of the personal developmental activities I had completed  from books, magazines  and many that I created on my own could go in this notebook. I finally felt I had  the proper tool to house my journey.  I still  have my journal, and it that continues to serve as a valuable tool for my emotional and social development, however my spiritual notebook has become like a sister to my journal and we have become a family.  I can not imagine my life without either one.

Somethings to consider when creating a Spiritual  Notebook:

  1. There is no right or wrong way to create a spiritual notebook. Let your imagination be your guide
  2. Think about what you want to share in your spiritual notebook  and remember it is fluid which means it will change as you  change and grow.
  3. Make your spiritual notebook your own.  You are unique, there is only one you and your notebook is a reflection on your spiritual journey and that includes your perceptions of what you are learning.

I am telling you, creating  and using my spiritual notebook has been and continues to be one of the most rewarding soul developing activities I engage in.  I have over 20 years of my spiritual development  within my notebook and I think that is pretty cool.

Need help?   I created a Life Class E-Course that specifically teaches you, step by step, how to create a Spiritual Notebook.  I share my tips and tricks that have worked for me and I share lots of suggestions and examples of how to create a Spiritual Notebook that you will love and use for years to come. More information and download link.

My Sacred Healing Space



When I was training to be a Reiki Master I worked with my teacher and mentor for 12 months.  Each month we set aside time to spend at least one day together.  We created a sacred healing space for teaching, sharing and healing. Have you taken the day off from  work and created a space to do your healing work?  Ever since I started in the field of social work, taking at least one day a month for myself has been a vital  part of my self care plan.  I do not just take a day off to have my nails or hair done, I take a day to welcome inner reflection and transformation.

There were many days I would seek out my spiritual  teachers, mentors, healers, righteous elders and sacred friends for a day of soul connecting and celebrating life.  There are few things  more invigorating  than immersing myself in ritual to bring about transformation.  I have learned the prayers, sacred stories and healing ways of the elders can bring me back from the darkest of times. The space they created  and continue to create for me to heal  my being, has been invaluable on my journey. One of the greatest  pearls of wisdom I have gained from my time with my healers has been the importance of creating a sacred healing space of my own and using it to do my inner work.

Some of you may think that creating a sacred healing space has to be elaborate or contain fancy items.  Not true. For me a sacred healing space is any space I designate as sacred.  I have created sacred healing spaces at the beach or the  local park.  I have also been in my bedroom or on my back porch.  All that is required  is, myself and the intention  that this time is meaningful, impactful and transformative.  If I am outside then nature provides the backdrop.  If I am inside then sometimes I light a candle or an incense to symbolized something sacred is about to occur.  Other times, it’s  me and my journal and a heart full of prayers.

Me and Grandmother Dawn Sky Weaver

Me & Grandmother Dawn Sky Weaver Beyond All Limits

If you have not figured out by now, creating a sacred healing space is as personal as you are. If you are like  Black Moses, a prophet I used to see in rual FL, he created a prayer garden.  Each alter had a bible turned to different page and it was always what I needed to hear.  Or maybe you and your spiritual mother go to the beach  and create a ritual of reclaiming your power by opening your heart to your power song.  This I did many moons ago with Grandmother Dawn Sky Weaver as I was moving through great transition.  Yet and still perhaps your sacred healing space is created in your car under a tree as you take a lunch break.  There I sat sobbing and sending thousands of prayers to God that he would heal my broken heart. All of a sudden he sends me  an angel of understanding and in a moment there is peace.


One of my mottos in life is Stop, Listen and proceed with Wisdom.  To create a sacred healing space we have to stop and listen to the voice within.  That voice will guide us from wisdom.  Your sacred healing space is waiting for you, it is time to open your heart and hear the call.


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