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Personal Ritual For The Waning Moon

waning moon

For those of us that really like doing personal ritual during the new and full moons there are so many ideas to choose from.  However I have not seen many ideas that work with the waxing or growing moon and the waning or shrinking moon.  I thought I might share a personal ritual I did lately which captures the energy of the waning moon.

The waning moon energy can be intense as it starts our process of letting go. If we think about it, the waning  moon starts the day after the  full moon and as the moon “shrinks” it helps us get rid of our excess.  Excess takes the form of unwanted attitudes, thoughts, possessions, people and any other thing that has grown out of control and needs to be shed.   The waning moon for me is always a time to letting go and making room for newness. The waning moon beckons me to go under the surface and do some deep inner work, which in turn will help me burst through the surface when the new moon returns again.

I recently created a ceremony  that supports the inner work the waning moon beckons us to do.  Understanding a ceremony or ritual is a sacred act of creating a space in which healing is going to occur; invoke your Divine Support, set your intention and leave the rest up to Spirit.

Here is the ceremony I created.  I love the symbolism of sweeping and the concept of cleaning out the old and making room for newness is not new.  To create a sacred ceremony you  can use a few props, set a sacred intention, set aside about an hour of undisturbed time and you are ready.  The items you will need are:

  1. Several small bush branches with  leaves
  2. Raffia or some other twine to tie the branches together
  3. Small pieces of paper and pen
  4. A smudge pot and sage (if you have it)

First you will collect about two or three small branches.  I like to walk around the area and find ones that have fallen from trees.  If I have sage, I smudge the outside of my front door area.  In a prayerful way, I tie the branches together to make a natural broom.  I set my broom aside.  I then take some time to think about all I want to release from my body, mind and emotions.  I think of what might be holding me back from living my greatest life at this time. What people, attitudes and emotional baggage am I carrying around that no longer supports me,  and I write those things down on the paper slips.  I then place those paper slips on my front door stoop.  Again I do this  very prayerfully.  I focus my intention on mIMG_0588y natural broom and I began to sweep away the slips of paper.  I sweep them down to the curb and place them in the garbage.  I may even do a little dance to celebrate their departure.

Be careful what you place on the paper, because magic is real,  and that which you ask to leave will leave….eventually if not sooner. I close out my ceremony with a prayer of gratitude.  I may then write in my journal or sit quietly and reflect.  When this personal ritual is done during the waning moon, you are using the natural forces of Mother Nature to support your healing and growth and for me there is nothing better.

If you want more information on how to use Mother Nature to support your life, check out my new e-course Natural Rhythms.  There are some great ways to bring  the wisdom of the seasons into your life. My next e-course Personal Ritual will be coming out soon.



Seasonal Living Basics

treeDid you know that each season carries a unique energy to help us manifest what we want in our lives? Mother Nature has some pretty incredible rhythms and cycles and if we learn how to tune in to her natural rhythms, we welcome more harmonious life.

The concept of seasonal living is very prevalent when it comes to eating.   There are lots of articles which help us understand how to eat with the seasons, and eat what is growing locally.  Have you ever thought of going beyond your food?  There are sacred rituals from all over the globe and from every culture that celebrate the earth  and her natural cycles.  Solstices and Equinoxes are the major earth celebrations which focus on each season but there are others.  Some cultures celebrate the migratory patterns of birds, fish and  four legged friends.  Planetary alignments as well as the growing patterns of sacred plants and trees are also recognized and our lives are enriched when we can view this wisdom as a life map.

When we observe nature we observe ourselves and the wisdom held deep in the earth’s crevices  can not be denied.  Right now I am in heart of summer  and by understanding the energy of summer I am welcoming abundance, rapid growth, freedom, fun, passion and heat. There are other themes running through this time of year for me, instead of going against the natural flow I am able to move with it and that brings an overarching peace.  It also brings a deep understanding that only comes from mindfully observing  our natural world and discovering what she has to share.

Why do you think we are encouraged to eat  what is growing at the time, it is because  nature always provides what we need.  Nature knows what our bodies need to be nourished and fresh foods provide the right amount of nutrients we need to support the season we are in and to prepare for the season ahead. This is also true for seasonal activities.  Food is not the only way to nourish our bodies and Nature knows this.    Everything is always working in concert and when 80% of our food and energy  is  not seasonally based, we are no longer  in alignment with Earth Mother’s natural rhythms and that equates to dis-ease. Dis-ease presents itself as emotional stress, physical illness, irritability, lack of compassion, sadness and so much more.

Here’s a solution:  

  • Make learning about the Earth’s Cycles a priority.
  • Mindfully spend time in outside and observe and contemplate what you see and feel.
  • Develop the mindset that you are not above nature which will help you have a child’s mind and embrace the wonderment.
  • Research your ancestry.  If you go back far enough you will uncover an earth based culture that will be rich with wisdom.
  • Download my next e-course Natural Rhythms~ Living in Harmony with Earth Mother (releases on July 1st 4 pm)  and learn more about how to live with the seasons and not against them.  This e-course will have simple rituals, and other ideas of living in harmony.

I always say, it does not matter where you start,  just start.  The process of creating a life that is more aligned with mother nature is a life well lived.

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What’s Your New Moon Ritual?


Image by chonteau

I love Rituals.  My life would not be the way it is now without the sacredness of ritual.  Ritual in the context of the indigenous mind, as taught to me by Sobonfu Some’, is not a set of repetitive  actions.  Ritual is the invocation of something Sacred, Spirit is invited to participate in something magical, wonderful and beautiful for the benefit of all.

I began attuning myself to  Mother Nature some time ago, and one  way to use the natural rhythms of the Universe, to support my life, is to follow the cycles of the moon.  I use the New Moon and Full Moon to support my goals, wishes and creations.  Since today is the New Moon I thought how appropriate that I share a New Moon Ritual  that will surely support your creation cycle.

The energy of a new moon is that of newness.  It is a time of coming out from the darkness and into the light as each day for the next 13 days the moon will grow and so will your goals and dreams.  Anything you plant on a new moon is a thought seed for the next month and beyond.  Thought seeds planted on a new moon are not just for that month but for that entire year and beyond. The new moon is a great day to start something new and anything that you want to set into motion for your life can be done on this energy.

A  personal new moon ritual can be as elaborate or as simple as you want to make it.  Remember, ritual is the invocation of something Sacred.  Lighting a candle and sitting in  prayer is an invocation of something Sacred.  At the same time casting a circle, honoring the 4 directions, burning juniper, calling in your spiritual allies, singing songs, drumming, playing the flute, planting seeds in the earth  that symbolized your new goals for the month, praying over them, singing to them and then closing your ritual with gratitude is also the invocation of something sacred.

I have just given you two examples of what you can do and here is a third that is somewhere in the middle:

  • Supplies: journal, pen, white candle,
  • sit inside or outside however,  I prefer outside in my garden, porch or park.
  • Light your candle. Set an intention. Example:  My intention is to write down my goals,  intentions or  wishes for the next month and beyond and I intend for my wishes to be blessed by…..
  • Write your intentions, goals and wishes  in your journal.  Be purposeful in your in your mind.  Hold each intention in your mind with love, and gratitude that they are already completed. Imagine yourself experiencing each wish in its fullness.  Now let it go and say thank you.

That’s it.  Now without being obsessive of how or when it is going to come to you just know and continue to reaffirm what already is with the energy of the growing or waxing moon.  You can repeat this every month if you wish.

My intention on this new moon is, that I fully express my creativity by showing up and being all of who I am. I have created a series of e-courses titled,  Embracing Your Inner Mystic.  Our first class is about how to create mindful messages that represent what you really want in our lives.  This class is 60 minutes in length and contains a magical visualization to meet your inner child.

Thank your sharing this space with me.

Peace and love ~ Chonteau


Embrace Your Inner Mystic

What is a Mystic? I like the definition that states a mystic is one who believes in the apprehension of Truths that goes beyond the intellect.  To me that means I seek understanding of the Divine Mysteries.  I appreciate that this understanding will look differently for everyone and being unattached to how this understanding shows up has helped me to release a lot of anger and resentment towards others. Moving  beyond the common understanding of my experiences has been a way of life for me since my early twenties but to consider myself a mystic was the furthest thing from my mind.   The term mystic was reserved for religious leaders and the great sages of our time, not for a “commoner” trying to make a difference in the lives of others by teaching them how to meditate and listen to their inner guidance.

The first time I considered myself as a mystic, was when I was listening to Carolyn Myss.  She described the life of a modern day Mystic as one who was dedicated to understanding  Truth.   A Truth with a capital T, as I read, was a belief  that could hold up against any philosophy or doctrine and still have integrity. The training of a modern day mystic had just as many trials and tests as they did thousands of years ago. She said, and I am  summarizing, make no mistake, when one decides to go beyond the intellectual and  mundane understanding of life’s experience and see the Truth of her experiences, then she has entered into the life of a mystic, and nothing will ever be the same.

Upon hearing this, being a mystic was no longer for someone else, it was me and however I chose to show up was perfectly ok. In a split second all my “trials” made  more sense.  My life was some how validated and  and uncommon strength came over me. Along my journeys I have come to know other modern day mystics and sometimes we are together for a short time, while others, we have become long term companions. I come across many who were like me, feeling lost and disillusioned by life. They are struggling to understand their purpose and place in this world. Many are stuck in a paradigm that reinforces scarcity and fear as a mainstay.

Here is my call to action.  Embrace your inner mystic. Come to realize that you are more than blood and bones.  You are a multifaceted multidimensional Being of Light and we are all here to support one another to evolve and remember who we are. Whoa! What a journey we are on.

I have remembered, that I am here to help others remember their purpose and place in this world. My offering is to share what has helped me embrace my inner mystic.  This is what I do with my clients individually and whenever I am asked to speak my message  is the same, remember who you are, and be that in the world.  This summer I will be offering a few web classes that focus on building your spiritual tools or embracing your inner mystic.  These web classes will focus on three areas:

  • Healing and Releasing old patterns and paradigms
  • Developing healthier relationships with your inner archetypes
  • Building your intuitive skills

Looking forward to sharing with you. inner mystic

Registration and more information on Embrace Your Inner Mystic Web Class ~ Mindful Messaging



What is Soul Nourishment?

We hear about it all time… “take time to nourish yourself, remember to take care of you, don’t forget about self care”, these are all the phrases we hear throughout our lives but when do we reajoy beachlly put this wisdom into practice?

It has been my experience with myself as well as  observing others, that soul nourishment comes when we are facing a healing crises, some catastrophe has occurred and now we are motivated to pay attention and slow down.  As much as we know how important self care is we just do not seem to fully grasp the concept until something has gone terribly wrong.  Ask yourself these questions:


  1. How many times will I lose and gain these same 50 lbs before I start addressing the real issue?
  2. How many times am I going to get a sinus infection or flu before I start looking at what’s really irritating me?
  3. How many times am I going to continue getting pissed off at the same issues on my job before I start questioning my patterns?
  4. How many times is that negative person  going to show up as my client, or customer before I start seeing others as a mirror for my own shadow?
  5. How many times am I going to be depressed about the same thing, at the same time every year, before I forgive and let go?
  6. How many times am I secretly going to be jealous about my  partners success before I take my own life into my own hands and have the courage speak my truth?
  7. How many times am I  going to wish “life will be better when…” before I focus on the here and now?
  8. How many times am I going to wake up cursing the day before I wake up blessing my day and realize I am co-creating my life?
  9. How many times do I need to complain about the same issue, before I seek understanding and free myself from ignorance?
  10. How many times will I need to wake up next to the same abusive person before I say NO MORE and seek the help I really need.

Do any of these questions resonate with you?  I was watching an interview with Arianna Huffington some weekends ago, as she talked about her book Thrive.  What struck me was her personal accounts of her lack of, not just self care but soul nourishment, how she found herself in a pool of blood, with a broken cheekbone because she had collapsed from exhaustion at her desk.  She went on to say, this was when she  began to reevaluate  of her life, and determine if this was the direction she wanted to continue in. Only two years into creating the Huffington Post, I would say here was the healing crisis, the catastrophe that seems to be so common for our paradigm to shift.

I often talk about my own catastrophe which lead me to an expanded practice of Soul Nourishment. It seems Ms. Huffington like so many others have heeded that call and began the, sometimes difficult and painful  trek of relearning what nourishes  or what food promotes life within our Souls.

The questioned I listed above are what I call guideposts,  when we are on that journey of self discovery it helps to have a little guidance to keep us on the path.  Whether one question resonates with you or they all do, ask yourself what part of the question inspires you to look further.  What part of the question angers you, excites you or calls you to action, as  Angeles Arrien would say, “become a good tracker of your life, notice what has meaning and significance”.

When we learn how to be a good tracker of our lives, we uncover  our Divine Plan and we become more or a participant rather than a spectator of our lives. By being an active participant in my life I have found what real soul nourishment is for me.  This is not just a good thing,  it is a GREAT thing.

If you have not taken advantage of  my Self Care Gallery you are missing out on several guideposts that I have used and created to help you stay on your journey of  self care and soul nourishment.  Enjoy.


Why Don’t You Meditate?



Like many Social Workers, Therapists, and Nurses, I entered into the healing profession to make  a difference in the lives others.  I was taught by my mother the importance of giving to others, sharing what you have with those who did not have, was the best way to live.  I  watched my mother get involved with numerous community groups and projects.  I watched her juggle holidays events, PTA meetings and being there for her children. What I did not see,  was her take a break.  I never saw her collapse on the bed with exhaustion.  I always saw her doing something for someone else and never for herself.   Women were trained and groomed to “do it all” and to have  smile on our faces while we do.

That is not my paradigm….anymore.   In my mid twenties I entered into the Social Work profession. Though I had some great self care tools, and I used them,  it was not until I had suffered major losses in my life that I  completely embraced self care as a way of life.  We can know what to do, even teach others what to do to take care of themselves, but until it becomes a part of our lives, there will always be gaps. When the stressful time is over  and the self care is no longer needed, it will be very easy to slip back into what you were taught or what was modeled to you as a child.  The go go go and do do do attitude is not just modeled by our parents,  it  is woven within the fabric of our American culture. The  attitude of “there is no time” is pervasive, especially in the healing  service professions.

I would like to introduce a remedy.  Meditation!!  Yes, I know it is not new and holistic practitioners and free thinking leaders  have talked about  using meditation as a self care, stress reduction tool for centuries. But here is the thing, it really works when you use it, internalize it and make it a part of your life and not just a novelty.  As a Social Worker it was the most beneficial tool for burnout prevention and intervention I ever used. It has been  the most centering and loving tool I used  to support my life.

Many of us want to meditate but, for some reason it has not come to fruition.  I knew a woman who loved her yoga class, but at the end of her class she got up and left because she felt lying in corpse position was a waste of time. I challenged her to explore her feelings a little deeper about leaving when she was invited to be still.

It came down to safety, she simply did not feel safe in her own body.   I  find the main reason people do not meditate, is because they do not feel safe.  Safety is not just about our physical surroundings, emotional  and spiritual safety are also components to allowing ourselves to be still. So many of us fear what is within the silence, we do not trust there is a part of us that is safe and does not need to control every outcome. Our Ego’s  will come up with numerous excuses as to why we can not meditate in order to keep us feeling safe. Here are a few.

  1. There is no time
  2. Not sure how to do it
  3. Can’t quite my mind
  4. Convinced it will not work
  5. It is something different and I am too old to change my habits

If you read these reasons and see yourself, you are not alone, trust me. Learning to meditate and then developing a habit takes time.  The first step is to  explore what may not feel safe to you about being still and quiet. Before sitting down to meditate I will ask myself this question, “do I feel safe?”  If the question is no I will NOT proceed. I will explore my feelings of unsafety. This may take a few moments or it may lead to deeper self inquiries.

When you begin your meditation practice with this question, you will find the excuses falling away, and your meditative practice will become easier and deepen over time.

Let me end with this.  I started meditating on a regular basis when I was 20 years old.  That was 27 years ago.  I have had a lot of time to practice and figure out what works and what does not work for me.  Give yourself some time. Be patient and gentle, there really is no rush.

Self-care is more than scheduling a massage, it is about creating a safe place to drop your mask.

- Chonteáu

It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

- Mahatma Gandhi