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How To Make A Healing Flower Elixir


This past weekend, I facilitated a wise woman circle at my home.  I wanted to make a healing flower water elixir that all the women could take home with them and use in the coming weeks. Using flowers elixirs for spiritual cleansing, rejuvenating and  healing is an  age old practice that dates back to pre-modern indigenous cultures. There is an indigenous  understanding, that all parts of nature are aspects of the Divine, and in that,  when we use nature as a healing tool, we are inviting a Divine power to be present in our healing ritual.  Water is the element of peace, flow, reconciliation and healing on all levels. Whenever we invite water to be present in our healing ritual we can be sure that something is ready to be corrected and healed with love and peace.

I will share one  simple ritual of creating a healing flower water elixir and give some examples of how to use the it in our daily life.

  1. First collect your flowers. Collect your flowers in a sacred manner. Be prayerful and humble when approaching flowers, allow the flowers to choose if they want to be apart of your blend.  Make your intentions known to them and feel with your heart if the flower wants to be picked. Always ask for permission from the flower if it is okay to pick them.  When choosing flowers from a store, use the same intuitive sense and allow the flowers to choose you.
  2. Create your water base. In a bowl or  jar add one part filtered water and one part vodka. The amount of liquid depends on how much you are making. You can make one cup or one gallon its up to you.  Add a crystal or healing gem stone to your container. As you prepare your base be prayerful as you set your intentions for creating the healing water.  Infusing magic is all in the intention. You do not have to be a Reiki Master or practitioner to call upon your inner green witch and enchant your potions.
  3. Next you add your flowers. Before adding your flower or flowers allow the meaning of the flower to come to you.  You do not need to look up other peoples meanings. The meanings that come to you in this moment is good enough and more personal.  Add your flowers  to your container.
  4. Next you will add some essential oils.  Again use your intuition, choose the oils that speak to you.  Make the blend your own or if you have invited others, have each person bring an oil or flower to add.
  5. Stir your mixture with a magical wand, twig or your clean hands.
  6. Say a final blessing over your elixir and bless it with your hands.

How to use and store your healing waters:  I have stored my mixture in the refrigerator and or used it right away.  After the flowers soak in the mixture I strain the flowers out and store in a glass jar.  The vodka acts as a preservative so it is shelf safe for at least 30 days.  This mixture is not for consuming  as food but can be used in a spray bottle for a body spray or for one’s  hair locks. It can also be added to your bath water or foot bath for spiritual bathing or cleansing your aura.

As a personal spray I have used my blend before meditating, and yoga practice. I have used it before praying for myself and others, it enhances the energy of  the ritual.  Floral healing waters if a vibrational healing method that evokes the spirit of the plant and its esoteric properties. When working with flower waters we are working with an ancient sacred healing art and so be reverent and respectful at all times.

The picture shown above was from a communal ritual.  We gathered as women shared our stories, blessed our flowers and our water, afterward we each took a jar home of our sweet elixir.

Trust your inner guidance to guide you in creating your healing flower waters. In the picture below this floral water was created with dreams and inspirations. Rather than taking the water home, the elixir was gifted back to the earth in  gratitude and prayer.

It is important to remember that when we perform rituals that involve water, we are linking with all the water on the planet and helping to heal the misuse, waste and pollution of our water which gives us all life.

Have fun, experiment and  invite your ancestor to guide and assist you.

May your water and flower blessing ritual vibrate love and healing to the next 7 generations. And So It Is!



Awaken To Who You Are

I remember in the early days of my spiritual development I would read books about the grand adventures of students and their  spiritual advisors.  The students, now teachers themselves, were writing books and sharing their wisdom. How romanticized they made their lives look.

How cool it would be I thought, to work with a master teacher for years and then carry on the teachings. At the tender age of 22, this type of life appealed to me.  I searched for a local teacher such as this, by attending workshops and classes, to my disappointment, this was not my path, my adventures looked very different and the one teacher I dreamed of, never came, at least not in the way I thought…. but that is a different story for another day.

I remember when I heard Spirit say, “your path is NOT to seek a long term teacher, your path IS to be the teacher others seek.”

Fast forward 22 years…

A  young woman attended my herbal class at the Florida Herbal Conference about 3 years ago. She was short in stature, with a coy smile and her dreadlocks  were well beyond her back.  I remember her saying, “I will be in touch”.  I do not think either of us knew the journey we were about to embark on.

A couple months later, she entered into my  Intuitive Herbal Mentor Academy, and began to work the program. She and I both realized  she needed another layer of support and we started to work together.

Honestly, I did not think she was going to stick with it. Who wants to rip their heart out, and feel the brokenness that we THINK  we are? The path of a mystic is revealing of our insecurities, and  shortcomings. We come face to face with our shadow aspects and learn to love them, just as much as we love our Light. We are called to remember our greatness, and in that, we are stretched beyond our limits… and  those growing pains can hurt.

The awakening of our mystic always brings about the death of who and what we think we are. It shows up differently for all of us, but rest assured, if you are awakening this part of your being, you will first be taken under before you expand. On some level this young woman new this and has stayed the course.

As her mentor, healer and guide it has been equally awakening. My insecurities have also played out in many ways as I awakened to a deeper level of supporting others  and being supported.

It was today after reading her blog post that I realized just how far she…we  have come.  Today I celebrate her and the work she has done and is doing to ensure her life is more authentic. I can feel the tenaciousness of her spirit, the vulnerability in her heart and the fire in her womb, as she prepares to create a space of her own healing practice.

In this moment I am feeling so grateful for our work together.

I look back at our journey  and it was filled with wild adventures. Who needs to travel to Singapore when you have the magic of your own back yard.  A weekend 2 hours from your home can serve as the spiritually awakening journey that one has been looking for.

  When I look forward, I  see endless possibilities and when I focus on this moment and all I feel is love.

What’s to come…

Working with Shelley has been such an enriching process,  because of my work with her, I was able to birth my S.A.C.R.E.D. Healers Apprenticeship Program, something that has been growing in my spirit for 27 years. I am now working with other women  who want to awaken their Sacred Healer and use their gifts for  the world.  Shelley has become my right hand and is now teaching at the Academy.

Who knows what the future holds, for now we are filled with magic, love and we move down the stream, surrendering and allowing the best of all to Be.

If you are interested in my S.A.C.R.E.D. Healers Apprenticeship Program, I welcome a conversation with you.  It is open to 13  women and currently I have spots available. Fill out your intentions on the contact page and Shelley will schedule some time when we can talk. 



Healing The Feminine Consciousness Through Mourning

No matter how hard we try, we can not get away from the Law of Reflection. Did you know that everyone in our view is a reflection of some aspect of ourselves. The challenging aspects we see in others, is ready to be acknowledged and healed within ourselves.

I am not just a Healer, I am a Sacred Healer, which means, I have a greater awareness that my own healing, supports the healing work I do with others. Sacred Healers understand that healing is not just for the ones who come to see us,  but we call forth those people and circumstances in our lives to support our healing too.

I took a survey of my client circle and realized a great portion of those whom I am serving, are walking through unresolved grief. I can chalk this up as a coincidence or I can embrace, that I too have parts of myself, that are ready to mourn their losses.

It is easy for Healers to talk about the Law of Reflection when our loving, beautiful and abundant selves are being reflected back to us, but what about when our Shadow selves are being reflected back to us? What happens when our view contains judgement, anger, sadness and grief, are we just as wiling to face these “darker” elements of our consciousness?

Yesterday, I found myself “face down in the arena” of life, sobbing, trying to understand what part of me was sad. Through quite a bit of weaving through my thoughts and feelings,  I was able to hold the part of myself  that was grieving.  She  needed to be loved, held and assured that her feelings were valid.  I called a friend and cried. I gave no apologies for feeling, I simply allowed this part of of me to be present and vulnerable.

I believe there is a movement to heal the feminine consciousness across this planet.  She is coming to the surface of our lives whether  we like it or not. The Feminine Spirit has been suppressed and forced underground.  While underground she has been gathering her strength, and nourishment. She has been remembering, and now she emerges like the great phoenix. She is emerging in each of us. Her message is clear;  feel, release the pain and fear we have kept inside.

Somewhere along the way we learned the outward expression of our  feminine nature of emotions was weak and wrong. Truth be told, it has been the acceptance of my intense emotions and feelings that has been my greatest power. When I remembered this truth yesterday, my grief dissipated and a feeling of calm and centeredness  took its place.

It was a beautiful moment….

Consider these insights when  exploring ways to connect with your feminine consciousness and allow her to rise:

  1. Accept that we move through all the seasons of life. birth, growth, letting go/slowing down and death/stillness and give yourself permission to experience each season fully.

  2. Take every opportunity to nurture your womb and do your womb healing work.

  3. Heal your ancestral connections.  We carry our histories within our bodies. Learning to heal these wounds brings a freedom that can not be denied.

  4. Invite ceremony into your life. Embrace ways to create sacred spaces for  meditation and praying.

  5. Invite ways to express your femininity. How does the feminine spirit wish to be expressed in you.

  6. Explore all of your senses.

  7. The outward expression of grief is called mourning. Give yourself permission to mourn.

Think  of these insights and pick one to try over the next 30 days.  Let me know how it works out. Healing the Feminine Consciousness across the planet begins right here in the heart. As we cultivate, nurture and protect our Rite it spreads like a mighty web, strong enough to hold us all.


If you are a Healer and wish to move toward being a Sacred Healer, I invite you to connect with our online community.  I will be sending out tips, insights and sharing stories of how to honor your healing mission with more authenticity and love. Click here and  sign up  for our Sacred Healers emails and receive your free gift. 



Rite of the Womb~ A Personal Testimony

S.A.C.R.E.D. Womb Blessings Workshop June 24, 2017  Link to Learn More

A Personal Testimony:

I participated in  The Rite Of The Womb ceremony, which is the 13th Rite of the Munay Ki. The Rite of the Womb comes from the women of the jungle who freed themselves from suffering.  It is for women  who are ready to accept the truth of their wombs and or men who feel it will support their healing. It feels to be guided by the spirit of the jungle women, so however this healing transmission chooses to come to you, embrace it.

For me, my spiritual mother Marian Hartsfield, Grandmother Dawn Sky Weaver brought it to me.  I felt like I had been in a year and a half long initiatory experience of self love and worthiness. Grandmother came to my house from Georgia and says  to me,” Chonteau you need to heal the relationship with your mother”. She then, left me with her sacred medicine to work with and for two weeks I began some of the most intense healing I have one done is many years. During that time Grandmother performed the Rite of the Womb ceremony and it marked the end of my  midlife initiation that I have been dancing with for well over a year.

I began my journey to be with Grandmother, by packing  my snacks and drink, and  headed out to the coast.  My 2 hour drive was scenic and peaceful. I was excited to see Marian and spend time with her friend.  I was also intrigued by the ceremony she was going to perform. It had been almost two weeks since she  left her medicine with me and I had been in a very raw place.

After getting acquainted with her friend and chatting a bit, she begins to prepare for ceremony.  I watch Marian create the altar, and place sacred items to support our journey. She begins  to use her sacred feathers to fan around my body. She calls upon the spirit of the wind to bless me and prepare me for this Rite.  She prayed over me and spoke of the lineage of the 13th Rite. She then guided me and another grandmother through the ceremony.

It was a beautiful  and I wondered if I was going to feel any different. I have participated in enough ceremonies to know, wait for the mystery to unfold and all will be revealed in time. I left feeling no different then when I came. I thought to myself, well that was nice. I was feeling grateful that she shared this Rite with me. I got in my car and began my 2 hour trip home and that’s when it began.  I did not know if I was going to be able to drive. I could feel so much emotion welling up in me. I could feel the ancestors filling me, I saw so much light in my eyes I questioned what was going on with the sun. All I wanted to say was “The womb is not a place to store fear and pain, the womb is to create and give birth to life”. I repeated this mantra for 2 hours on the way home, through crying, laughing, and conversing with invisible spirits, I made it home.

I went out to the medicine wheel and was guided to perform the ritual again. This time I  could see the invisible spirits, my mother, grandmothers, aunties, great grandmothers and so  many women of my ancestral line were with me and I linked with them. This time  the pain, fear and suffering  I have felt before, was not there, all I could feel  was freedom and love.

In between my sobbing,  I journaled and prayed. I prayed for me, my mother, her mother and all the mothers in my matriarchal  line. I performed the Rite of the Womb on us all.  Upon  completion, I asked for enough energy to get through the evening with my family. I do not know how I cooked dinner or helped my son with his homework. I know I was carried to bed and there I collapsed as the sun was going down. I woke in the morning… renewed, fresh and free.

Since that day I have noticed several things in my life. I have noticed a stronger connection to my lineage, a sense of clarity, the birth of ideas are happening daily and I do not stay in suffering as long as I did before. There is a lightness about me that I have not sensed in years.  I have also noticed a deeper connection to my womb and joy of planting my dreams there is easier than ever before.   When I  enter into my meditative space, I see my mother and her mother too. We are healed and it is felt not just in this world but I know it is felt on the other side too.

I do womb work on a regular basis, so womb blessings and healings are not new to me.  There was something about this womb and  ancestral healing,  at this time in my life, that I needed and I am grateful for it.  I am grateful my spiritual mother  coming to me, when she knew I needed her. She called me home.

The work has not stopped, the nurturing continues.  As I mentioned before blessing and healing our wombs is a sacred way of life and continual awareness and practice of this process will serve us all, very well.

 Aho’ Ase’ And So It Is Done!

Awaken Your Phoenix Child


phoenix child

Have you ever had a setback? Were you really looking forward to something and it did not come through the way you wanted or when you wanted?  Have you then tried to talk yourself out of feeling sad about it.  You tell yourself that it really did not matter, it was not meant to be, don’t worry about it, stay positive, stay strong, basically “get over it already, it’s no big deal”.  No matter how much you tell yourself these words, there is still that nagging feeling of sadness and  frustration underneath your positive attitude.  Does this sound familiar?

How often as children and  adolescents are we told, when something does not go our way to suck it up, get over it,  deal with it, get on with life, you don’t get what you want, you are being too emotional  and the list goes on.

As adults we have memorized these words our guardians have told us, so much so, that we are masters of hiding how we  truly feel, especially when it comes to emotional pain.  We have become experts in abandoning our inner children because we were abandoned as children and not allowed to grieve our losses.

A loss is not just a personing dying. We experience loss in the form of dreams unrealized, moving on from friends, losing meaningful items, leaving a job, moving to a new home or new school.  We experience losses all the time and however  my inner child perceives them is quite alright.

Something happened this week that did not go as planned and I wanted to be a “big girl” and not be upset about it. However, I could feel that nagging feeling of sadness as my inner child was trying to express her feelings and I, the adult in me,  did not want to hear it. “We just have to suck it up and not worry.  You are being dramatic, you know everything happens for a reason, there is nothing to fear…”  this is what I was thinking to myself. After about 3 hours of trying to work and convince myself I was not  feeling let down,  I put my work down, layed in my bed and cried.

I this moment that is all my inner child wanted to do.

And so this is how we heal…we face ourselves and not run from ourselves.

I imagined my inner child being held in my arms. I imagined I was rocking her and loving her. I imagined  she was fully accepted in all of her worry, sadness and frustration.  I did not try to fix her or make her okay. I just imagined she was okay just as she was.

Can you imagine  how we or even the world would be different, if this was the message we received as children when we experienced loss? That is the world I am down to create.

In comes the Phoenix Child

Did you know that even within our grieving inner child there is a part of her that is our phoenix child. She our phoenix child lives in us too and she is incredibly powerful.  She holds the keys to our self compassion and forgiveness. She really is magical in every way. I love knowing we as spiritual beings are so multifaceted, we have such depth to us, as the saying goes, and  I paraphrase, there are  many mansions in the kingdom of I.

Inner child work is a daily mindfulness practice of becoming aware of one’s inner conversations. The question is are we willing to listen and allow this amazing relationship to to bloom. Using meditation and guided imagery, has been my way to  awakening my Phoenix Child or as some refer to her as, the magical child. Tapping into our safe space within has been our playground for both work and play.

Some of you might be ready to dive into this realm of play. For those who are, I have created a new e-program, Awakening Your Phoenix Child 3 part meditative series.  (this program is not available at this time)

We are going to ignite a part of ourselves that we have not allowed ourselves to connect to in a long time. I realized this is not the rainbow meditations of manifesting our dreams, this is the, I want to connect with my inner child and begin to build a bridge of understanding.

If you have been neglecting your inner grieving girl, and now ready to bring her with you instead of leaving her behind, this series may be for you. We are going to Awaken Your Phoenix Child and she is going to be your  ally for as long as you want to stay connected to her.

Even though this e-program is NOT live, I will hold  a space  for your healing work. I will not be physically present, however if you choose to work this program during the three week window this program is released,  you will be receiving my energetic support.



You link to register

Simple Herbal Rituals For The Season

It is customary during the cooler and colder months to forget about using our green allies on a daily basis.  I know for me I tend to spend less time outside when it is cold.  I am a Florida girl, so I admit that I feel most alive in warmer weather.  However, every season lends its herbal majick  for supporting our lives.

One way I stay connected to nature in colder months here is Florida, is to bring nature inside and find creative ways to deepen my connection to her bounty.  Eating seasonally is always first on my list and for those of us who  celebrate the Winter Solstice by decorating live trees with natural items is another way to stay connected to our natural world. There are those family activities such as creating  natural holiday reefs  or creating a winter bouquet  of evergreen plant material.

Still there are other ways to create herbal rituals during  the season. Herbal ritual is when one brings  sacred intention to their interactions with plants. A simple act of drinking a cup of tea can become a ritual by doing two things: 1. inviting mindful attention, as well as,  heart and meaning to the experience and 2. inviting Spirit to be present for a sacred intent. Remembering these two things for any ritual will serve you well and elevate your experiences from the mundane to the Sacred.

Here are 2 ways you can bring simple herbal rituals to the winter season.

  1. Make a personal  New Year’s smudge stick. In some cultures the smoke of a smudge stick or incense is very sacred. The smoke carries our prayers and invokes the ancestors to intervene in our lives for the  highest good of all. The choice of herbs also has significance  in the energies one is trying to invoke. Setting New Year’s resolutions, I am not fond of, however I do set sacred intentions for the new year and invite my heavenly help as a witness. Before New Year’s Eve I create several smudge sticks.  I look for various  fresh herbs in yard or at the local nursery. I choose them with care.  I follow my intuition and trust, whatever I choose is what I need.  I bundled them together and tie them with raffia. Allow them to dry  for at least a week or two.  On the night of New Year’s Eve, I will create a sacred fire and burn my personal smudge sticks. Each stick may hold a different intention, prayer or good wish.  I then intend that the smoke takes these intentions to Creator and the Ancestors for continued support throughout the new year.  Consider including your family and friends in this ritual or keep it personal.  Again allow your intuition to guide you.
  2. Create A Renewal Foot Bath. Each week we have the opportunity to start  new.  We can set new goals, focus on new projects and re energize our spirits. Soaking my feet weekly is a wonderful way to symbolize that I am walking a renewed path, last week is gone and the future holds promise as I move forward. Again the choice of herbs is significant and a little research about the spiritual properties of herbs will serve you well, also tapping into your inner wisdom should not be discounted.   I love creating spice blends, specially during the winter months.  The  colors, textures and warming energy is energizing to my entire body.  Combine a handful of your favorite seeds, bark, twigs and leaves and make a big pot of herbal tea.  Allow the tea to cool, strain out the plant material and then add warm tea to a basin of more warm water. Soak your feet while setting your sacred intentions for the coming week.

If this is your first time including herbs in your seasonal rituals have fun and do not make things so serious.  Bring laughter and lightheartedness to your experience and the spirit of celebration. Enjoy!

Schedule A  Shamanic Herbal Reading With Chonteau

I offer a unique  intuitive herbal reading for those who are open  to the wisdom of our green allies.  Our green allies have so much to share with us about  how we can rebalance our lives and cultivate more centeredness in all that we do.  I offer customized herbal blends at the end of each session upon request. Learn more about this unique reading here.   

Nature’s Lullabies

Songs have been a part of my life for a really long time. I have many memories of feeling like a lonely teenager, however, there were two things  I loved: listening to the wDrum Chants for the Soulind and singing the songs that came on the wind.

I know that may sound really strange, but for me I didn’t just hear the wind, I heard the lullabies of nature and I always would sing what I heard.  These songs brightened my spirits and called me home to a place that was safe and secure… it brought me home to me.

This morning while reflecting on the last 6 months of my life’s walk, I simply had no words.  While sitting outside, all I could hear were nature’s lullabies.  I could feel my mother’s spirit, as I recalled memories of being awakened every Sunday morning with her songs ringing through the house.  I could feel my grandmother’s spirit, as I recalled memories of her humming and telling me stories of  days long past.

Woven in  our tapestries of loving memories, are our healing songs. I never wondered where they came from, for me they always came on the wind. This morning, these healing prayers came on the wind and I share them with you.  They are my stories  of change, surrendering and acceptance.

My intention is that you make space for the songs carried in your heart to grow wings and fly on the wind.

May peace be with you forever.

For all four  healing chants  go to:  this link  it is my gift to you.

Heart Resonance Drum Chant:  Listen by clicking start.

January New Moon Ritual

Happy New Year!! Welcome 2016!!  I always like the New Moon of the new year.  It has always seemed extra  special and sets a tone for the coming months.  I take extra time andwords matter create a small ceremony that I include  family and friends, however, personal ritual is just fine too and sometimes I prefer it.  Do not let distance keep you from doing ritual with your community. There are numerous video chat free apps out there,  which  makes it easy to be with one another.

This new moon ritual is about reclaiming the blessings in your life. Many of us forget that the words we say on a daily basis have vibrational impact on our lives.  I once gave a client the task of counting how many times she called someone a “dimwit”.  After two days she said she was up to 20.  I  told her that she was not just  calling others a “dimwit” but she was calling herself that too.  Words are not discriminate as to who they go to. We say it and WE receive it. That means we are cursing or blessing our lives everyday.



What you will need:

  1. a piece of paper or cardstock any color.
  2. a pen or pencil any color but not red
  3. a red marker
  4. candle of your choosing
  5. tissues

On the eve of the  new moon set aside some time in which you will be alone or if you are with others when you can come together for at least 30 minutes or more if you are in a group. Say a prayer to open your sacred space.  Light your candle as a symbol for The Oneness, Creator, Divine Presence, God or Goddess (you get the idea).  Invoke your  heavenly support.

Using your pen  draw a line down the middle of the paper  and on one side, at the top  write down THE LIES and on the other side at the top, right down MY BLESSINGS.  Now you start writing down the lies in  one, or two word phrases, these are the names you have been giving to your life.  For example: troubled, hard, dumb, fat etc. As you right them, feel them, feel the impact they have made in your life.

Next write down the blessings, these are the new words which are the contrast to the lies.  For example: perfect, effortless, brilliant, loveable etc.  Write the blessings directly across from the lies.  Feel these names and how impactful they could be on  your life if you were to allow them in.

Next, go back to the lies and as you read them, cross them out with your red marker, and then read your blessing. Do this for each one.  When you are done, sit with your paper and and just feel the experience. Feel the power of your words and make a vow that you NOW WILL be kinder and gentler to yourself. Close your ceremony with a prayer  or song.  Write in your journal  and ground yourself by going outside, if you are no already, and walk on the earth.

On the new moon, hang up your project o you can see it everyday. Focus on reading the blessings everyday until the next new moon.  Journal the changes in your life.

I would love to hear how you are working with this new moon ritual and how it is supporting you throughout the month.  Words are power. We have the power to curse or bless our lives. This year  is about resetting our lives and running a new program, so let it start with what comes out of our mouths every day.

Be Blessed