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Fake It To You Make It…Not!

I know you have heard the phrase “fake it to you make it” I was a big believer of this for many many years until I decided to challenge this core belief and I am so glad I did.

There is no room in my life or my healing practice for pretending. In the counseling world this is called in congruent, it’s when the outside does not match the inside, and it can be a slippery slope indeed. It’s when we say we are fine and we damn well know, we are not fine. I did it for years. Its exhausting and it cost me a part of myself every day.

Here’s the thing, the outside always matches the inside. We may not want to admit that the chaotic, and sometimes depressing outside reflects parts of our inside, but it does.

The question is as practitioners and healers are we willing to come from behind our cloak of invulnerability as we serve others and face,  what is looking at us, in the face, is a part of us  and our stories.

When we fake or pretend that we are not vulnerable and not on our own healing journey we dishonor those whom we serve.  Holding a healing space for ourselves and others is a skill.  Knowing if,  when and how  to share one’s healing stories is a tool used in soul recovery.  Our stories are healing for both the teller and receiver, but there is a way to share, that is not ego focused. There is a significant amount of inner work that must be done before we can effectively share our stories in a away the heals rather than hinders.

The truth is, awakening one’s authentic self as a spiritual healer is some of the most treacherous,  heart opening, maddening inner work one will ever do, anything less, we are not getting to the heart of of the matter.

When we fake a good mood, or positive outlook we perpetuate untruths. When we pretend we are further ahead on our healing journey than we are just because we have come  out of hardship and pain, we are not supporting those we serve.  That’ called faking it till you make it and THAT  is not honest.

As healers, why not face the truth and begin to understand  all of our feelings, good, bad and indifferent.  Before we blindly write over painful stories and expect our clients to do the same, lets model how  explore them and see what  has kept them alive for so many years. It is in the process of getting real with ourselves that true healing occurs.

Are you faking it till you make it:

  1. Do you tell your healing stories from the third person point of view?
  2. Are you  scripting your conversations with your clients and others?
  3. Do you allow yourself to be vulnerable because its trending as a marketing strategy?
  4. Do you use terms like, “I am always happy, I am always positive, I avoid negativity, I never get mad, nothing bothers me, when asked how you are doing you always say, I am fine.”

These are just  few of the questions to ask yourself and explore what thoughts and feelings come up.

Bottom line healers, Be True and face the many layers of the  real you.

Are You Honoring The Contractions Of Life

It is around this time of year that my life begins show me where the brakes of life are more prevalent than my foot on the gas. When there seems to be, so much to do, to end the year on a profitable, and positive note, my energy level  begins to fade.  Though this is not true for everyone, for me given my birthday is at the end of December I enter into the winter of my year cycle. Thus, I have learned to honor the contractions of my life, just as much as I honor the expansions.

As Sacred healers it is important to understand our cycles and be aware of when we are contracting.  Contracting means we are closing up, focusing inward, holding inward visions and non active. Contraction suggests pain and suffering, and though, more constrictive times in our lives, do carry many more challenges  and pain,  I have found it is how I move through these challenges, that make a huge difference.  I have learned to ride the waves of discomfort, knowing that this cycle will end in time.

I have also learned not to push my clients out of their contraction cycle.  When working with clients and students we love to help, many of us were hired under the impression that we would bring more peace and help make folks feel better. We  often feel pressure to make the “bad” go away and we want our clients to leave our offices and classes with smiles on their faces. I get it, I used to want that too. It was not until I began to go deeper into my own self discovery and healing that I was able to let go and allow for healing to occur as it needed to.

A Sacred healer is one that understands the process of expansion and contraction. She holds the space for  herself  and for her clients regardless of where they are at, without trying to change it… AND he gently moves them down the healing stream so they may remember their  wholeness.

Regardless of how your healing practice is expressing itself to the world, you can enter into this sacred way of relating to others at any time. By simply learning to honor your own contractions of life  with as much vigor as you do the expansions of your life and then honoring this in others is an amazing gift to give the world.  You are saying to others,  I may not agree but you are where you are and I meet you there in love.

We are saying to ourselves, I may not want to be here right now, but I am where I am and I meet myself in love.

Awaken To Who You Are

I remember in the early days of my spiritual development I would read books about the grand adventures of students and their  spiritual advisors.  The students, now teachers themselves, were writing books and sharing their wisdom. How romanticized they made their lives look.

How cool it would be I thought, to work with a master teacher for years and then carry on the teachings. At the tender age of 22, this type of life appealed to me.  I searched for a local teacher such as this, by attending workshops and classes, to my disappointment, this was not my path, my adventures looked very different and the one teacher I dreamed of, never came, at least not in the way I thought…. but that is a different story for another day.

I remember when I heard Spirit say, “your path is NOT to seek a long term teacher, your path IS to be the teacher others seek.”

Fast forward 22 years…

A  young woman attended my herbal class at the Florida Herbal Conference about 3 years ago. She was short in stature, with a coy smile and her dreadlocks  were well beyond her back.  I remember her saying, “I will be in touch”.  I do not think either of us knew the journey we were about to embark on.

A couple months later, she entered into my  Intuitive Herbal Mentor Academy, and began to work the program. She and I both realized  she needed another layer of support and we started to work together.

Honestly, I did not think she was going to stick with it. Who wants to rip their heart out, and feel the brokenness that we THINK  we are? The path of a mystic is revealing of our insecurities, and  shortcomings. We come face to face with our shadow aspects and learn to love them, just as much as we love our Light. We are called to remember our greatness, and in that, we are stretched beyond our limits… and  those growing pains can hurt.

The awakening of our mystic always brings about the death of who and what we think we are. It shows up differently for all of us, but rest assured, if you are awakening this part of your being, you will first be taken under before you expand. On some level this young woman new this and has stayed the course.

As her mentor, healer and guide it has been equally awakening. My insecurities have also played out in many ways as I awakened to a deeper level of supporting others  and being supported.

It was today after reading her blog post that I realized just how far she…we  have come.  Today I celebrate her and the work she has done and is doing to ensure her life is more authentic. I can feel the tenaciousness of her spirit, the vulnerability in her heart and the fire in her womb, as she prepares to create a space of her own healing practice.

In this moment I am feeling so grateful for our work together.

I look back at our journey  and it was filled with wild adventures. Who needs to travel to Singapore when you have the magic of your own back yard.  A weekend 2 hours from your home can serve as the spiritually awakening journey that one has been looking for.

  When I look forward, I  see endless possibilities and when I focus on this moment and all I feel is love.

What’s to come…

Working with Shelley has been such an enriching process,  because of my work with her, I was able to birth my S.A.C.R.E.D. Healers Apprenticeship Program, something that has been growing in my spirit for 27 years. I am now working with other women  who want to awaken their Sacred Healer and use their gifts for  the world.  Shelley has become my right hand and is now teaching at the Academy.

Who knows what the future holds, for now we are filled with magic, love and we move down the stream, surrendering and allowing the best of all to Be.

If you are interested in my S.A.C.R.E.D. Healers Apprenticeship Program, I welcome a conversation with you.  It is open to 13  women and currently I have spots available. Fill out your intentions on the contact page and Shelley will schedule some time when we can talk.