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5 Ways Mindfulness Saved My Life


I was introduced to word mindfulness in 2004.  I was walking through one of the most painful times in my life and feeling very lost.  I was recovering from two pregnancy losses, miscarriages or baby deaths as I like to refer to them, 3 months apart, and trying to hold down a very demanding social work job which I loved very much.

I was sure of one thing, in 20 years, when I told my story of loss, I was not going to be in a state of shock and still grieving as if I had just experienced my baby’s deaths yesterday.  I was not going to walk through this pain unconsciousness and unaware.  I was going to feel.

I created a sign and put it on the wall in front of my desk. It said:

I am aware of how I feel.

I am aware of my thoughts

I am aware of my surroundings

I am aware 

I then made a self care plan of what I would do everyday. It said:

Everyday I will walk outside 

Everyday I will feel my feelings 

Everyday I will remember to breathe deeply

Everyday I will write in my journal

I shared what I was doing with my therapist and she said I was being mindful, “mindful?” I questioned.  She explained mindfulness was being with each moment without trying to be somewhere else, it was about meeting myself with love and compassion.  I told her I had been practicing this way of life for 10 years and never knew there was a “name’ for it.

2004  was a very profound time in my life.  I deepened in character more than I could have ever imagined.  I walked through a horrible time, but I learned woven within the fabric of my loss was the most intensely  beautiful threads of gold I had ever seen. This is when  soul nourishment  became a way of life for me. I learned I was the most important person on the planet and I was no longer willing  to compromise my well being.

Recently I birth Soul Care University, a virtual center where one can learn the skills needed to care for themselves at the soul level.  In 2004, I made a vow to myself that I would share what I learned about self and soul care. I would never keep my journey a secret, my mission was to share my stories as teaching tools for others, especially women who were tired, suffering in silent, and feeling beat down by life.

Here I am quietly sharing my stories to all who want to listen, learn and be inspired. As Maya Angelou said, “Wouldn’t  take nothing from my journey now”.

Here are 5 Ways Mindfulness Saved My Life:

  1. Mindfulness living reminded me that I am love and love is all there is.

  2. Mindfulness reminds me, slow and steady always wins.

  3. Mindfulness living reminds me that my life is a gift no matter what.

  4. Mindfulness living reminds me to appreciate everything.

  5. Mindfulness living has taught me it’s okay to feel.

As with all things, I am a work in progress.  Some days are easier than others but always there is a fresh new day to start again.

I invite you to learn more about Soul Care University and check out our recent e-courses and  programsWe are small, but our heart is huge.   I am working on a new e-course I Know I Will Fly, Sacred Healing Rituals for Pregnancy Loss and a few others.  Looking forward to seeing you at Soul Care U.


There Is A Divine Unfolding To Our Lives

There is a Divine unfolding to our lives. I must admit this has been a very difficult truth for me to surrender too. “You mean no matter how hard I wish, cry, scream, bribe, and try to manipulate the Universe, everything in my life is going to unfold in its Divine time?”  Well that just sucks!

I thought for sThere is a divine planure if I visualize my dreams, say my affirmations and reprogram my subconscious, I would get what I want, when I want it.  I can not tell you how many years I convinced myself that the Universe was rewarding my good behavior and positive thoughts with material possessions and good jobs.  All was right with the world when I was getting what I wanted and I could see my results.  When things begin to “slow down” or not look like I wanted it to, all I needed to do was shift my thinking, focus on my new goals, implement a few controlled strategies and all would be well.  After all, this way of manifestation  seemed to work for me in the past.

Success in life was attached to quantifiable measurements, like how much money I was making, likes on my facebook pages, and being able to manifest what other systems labeled as successful.  This way of moving through life has shifted for me and SURRENDERING  has taken its place.   Michael Beckwith calls this stage of life, CHANNELING.  He explains, and I paraphrase, it is when we make the transition from, I can achieve it, if I can dream and see it, to, I don’t need to see it to believe it,  because I surrender to the sacred unfolding of my life. It is about letting go of control. Big breath here…..

“You mean someone’s 21 day plan for success is not going to work for me, even though it seems to work for everyone else.”  Well that just sucks! I was really counting on following that rule book to make life easier for me.

Living a heart centered life is no joke, it is not for the the weak and closed hearted. Living a heart centered life requires the courage to run in a different direction than the  herd ( my dad’s favorite saying) and get into MY life’s flow.  Being with those parts of myself that are resistant to this way of life has been heart opening, humbling and transformational.

Living a heart centered life, has required a consistent commitment to deepening my relationship with me and staying focused on my personal development, by challenging my inner conversations and questioning the stories I have been listening to for years.   I must add,  meditation is really important and listening and studying various spiritual teachings I resonate with.

For now, there is no more forcing, pushing, striving, or manipulating anyone or anything for a desired result. I am learning to wake up every morning and say, “how can I serve today, show me Universe how I am to shine my Light… I surrender”.  I then notice  any resistance coming up and meet those parts of myself with compassion.   This process is helping me open to the Divine unfolding of my life.   And yes, there are days when that just really sucks!



Herbal Support For Ascension Symptoms

symptoms of ascension

Often times I will wake up with herbal allies on my mind.  Our green allies have a way of entering into our dream time to bring healing and messages of how they want to support us. This morning was one of those mornings when much was being shared in the realm of spirit.  Have you ever noticed in those twilight spaces of waking and sleep the veil is at its thinnest? For many years I have embraced what I call my twilight hour of power to receive my daily guidance.

This morning I was reminded, that with  our  ascension process, our new light bodies will experience some physical symptomologies as it expands.  On one hand we will try to  manage  these  symptoms with conventional therapies,  however, we may find the results we seek do not come, or  are only temporarily remedied. I was also reminded to use our green allies, the plants, in their many forms to support us throughout this process. Like  many of our elements and nature items, our green allies are here to be our guides, healers and teachers into the next realms of existance.

If I am to speak from my own experiences, there are days when I think I am loosing my mind, and my heart is being jolted from my body.  In our process of ascending to a higher consciousness our bodies are recalibrating, readjusting and realigning to a  purer frequency. Our hearts and circulatory systems are being replaced and  coming on line  We are waking up our galactic souls and seeing life from an entirely different perspective.

This brings me to this mornings twilight hour of power.  For a couple of weeks I have noticed my eyes coming in and out of focus.  Even when I wear my glasses, it seems  there is still a haze or fuzziness. This morning Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) floated into my consciousness. Bilberry leaf is known as an eye supporting herb on the physical level but it can also support the eyes on a spiritual and energetic level. Bilberry leaf can assist with the symptoms we feel through our ascension process when it comes to our new perceptions and visions.  Dried Bilberry

Our eyes are not just gateways to our souls they are gateways to other dimensions of Light and  are used like lasers when it comes to healing.  There are times when I have felt pressure behind my eyes, tiredness, weepiness and stinging when it comes to my eyes responding to the recalibration.  I have talked with several colleagues and they have reported similar symptoms.  If I were to respond from fear I might think I am going blind.  Interestingly enough, that is exactly what is happening. There is a type of blindness to nonsense  and a laser focus on what we need to see for our transition to a higher plane.

We are not crazy and we are not going physically blind. We are however awakening to our  star born technologies that is unique to each of us and our plant allies are here to guide us and support us on this journey.

Bilberry is one such green ally that is coming forward to share her wisdom with us.  She is not the only one that can help us with our ascension process there are many more. In posts to come I will share more ways in which we can use our green allies to support our expansion.

I made an intentional  herbal infusion of bilberry this morning and within 5 minutes my eyes felt better. The pressure was released and not one tear all day. I also feel she can be used as an eyewash or a smudge. If you have not gotten to know Bilberry Leaf now is the time.  Spend some time with this plant in nature, journey with her a bit before using her. Open your heart to her medicine and see what she has to share. You can also experiment with the dried leaves.  I used 1 tbsp of herbs to 2 cups of boiled water and steep with a little honey for 30 minutes.

As will any herbal use, always use with care and check in with your healthcare provider prior to use.

Need some shamanic herbal support? Learn more about my Shamanic Herbal Readings with this link: Shamanic Herbal Reading Info Link 


Nature’s Lullabies

Songs have been a part of my life for a really long time. I have many memories of feeling like a lonely teenager, however, there were two things  I loved: listening to the wDrum Chants for the Soulind and singing the songs that came on the wind.

I know that may sound really strange, but for me I didn’t just hear the wind, I heard the lullabies of nature and I always would sing what I heard.  These songs brightened my spirits and called me home to a place that was safe and secure… it brought me home to me.

This morning while reflecting on the last 6 months of my life’s walk, I simply had no words.  While sitting outside, all I could hear were nature’s lullabies.  I could feel my mother’s spirit, as I recalled memories of being awakened every Sunday morning with her songs ringing through the house.  I could feel my grandmother’s spirit, as I recalled memories of her humming and telling me stories of  days long past.

Woven in  our tapestries of loving memories, are our healing songs. I never wondered where they came from, for me they always came on the wind. This morning, these healing prayers came on the wind and I share them with you.  They are my stories  of change, surrendering and acceptance.

My intention is that you make space for the songs carried in your heart to grow wings and fly on the wind.

May peace be with you forever.

For all four  healing chants  go to:  this link  it is my gift to you.

Heart Resonance Drum Chant:  Listen by clicking start.

4 Steps to Access Our Inner Technology

Girls Who Code

Last week I facilitated a  meditation circle with a group of pretty cool girls.  These girls were students in a Girls Who Code Summer Camp by Florida Tech’s WeVenture.  They are our future engineers in the technological arena.

Meditation and Technology, how in the world does that fit together? I started out with paraphrasing  a couple of definitaions I found at  and  Techonolgy: the purposeful application of information, that is utilize to make  goods and services, invent useful things or to solve problems as well as organize human activities.  We talked about the tangible technology we use everyday, but what about the intangible technology that is found within our inner worlds.  I am talking about our imagination, intuition, dreams and our emotions.

If we want advancement in ourselves and communities we are going to have to learn to access and use our inner technology with excitement and creativity.   Teaching our teenage  girls, their intuition and emotions are nothing to be feared, and a reliable tool for our survival,  supports the entire community. “The cure for pain is in the pain”‘ Rumi. Coming up with creative ways in which our teenage girls can continue toning their imaginative muscles is the future of our culture. “Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions”, Einstein

Outer technology is not possible without inner technology.  Inner technology unexpressed is a tragedy. “You have wings , learn to use them and fly” Rumi.

For me, meditation has been the key to unlocking the door to my inner technology it has also fostered the courage to express myself and bring my dreams forth.  It has been the process of being quiet with myself that has uncovered a great inner peace. The process of going into my emotions as Rumi suggests has been my answer.

If you are seeking to help your teenage girl  create goods and services  and invent useful things that support her life and the lives around her, supporting her tone her inner technological muscles is the task at hand. Here are a few ideas:

  1.  Let her be imaginative: One to the girls in the group confirmed, when she was given a project from a teacher and was told to use her imagination, she still had to stay in the lines.   Create opportunities and give your teen girl permission to color outside the lines.
  2. Play intuition games, this shows her relying on her intuition is normal and nothing to fear. For example when the phone rings, encourage her to guess who it is before looking. When she asks you a question, ask her what does her gut says before answering the question. This was my favorite “game” to play with teen girls, it helps them tune in to their inner power.
  3. Encourage her to keep a dream journal and write down her dreams from the night before. I have been documenting my dreams since I was 13.  My childhood best friend and I would talk about our dreams all the time.
  4. Don’t dismiss her emotions. Let her experience them fully by listening and supporting.

As a parent and mentor notice what comes up for you. I have found when we stifle anything in someone else, it is because we are struggling to understand it ourselves.  These ideas for tapping into our inner technology are for all of us.

Standing Naked In The Mirror

naked face

I am sorry, please forgive me, I take full responsibility for not allowing you to BE.  For the past several years, in my pursuit of success, I pushed you aside.  When I first heard your whining, I hushed you.  When I heard you say you were scared, I told you not to worry and you would be fine. When you tried to share your feelings of shame, I politely told you to hold your chin up, there was no time for weakness or doubt, we had things to do.

This morning I stood naked in the mirror, trying to figure out why I was so sad.  I looked up and saw you.  I looked into your eyes and cried.  I am sorry, please forgive me,  I take full responsibility for not allowing you to BE.

For the first time in several years I saw you and felt your pain.  I did not hide our face, nor cover our mouth I just stood there naked in the mirror and allowed you to BE. Placing my hands over our heart, I whispered, “I see you…. I see you…I see you and I am not leaving.” As my feelings and emotions  expanded in my being, I never left our gaze. For a moment,  I thought I was going to explode and then, the feelings dissipated…. inhale….exhale… peace.

I have come to know, at least at this juncture of my earth walk, that when I leave parts of myself behind I don’t really move forward in wholeness. I understand we are multifaceted beings and yes my True Self is Wholeness, however, when there is  difficulty accepting this truth I explore what part or parts of  myself have a left behind.

In my experience, the process of recovering our fragments is beautifully painful.  Facing the shame and vulnerability can be tough. In my pursuit of “success”, I forgot  there will always be a part of me that is scared and unsure of her next steps.  I need to give her space to BE and bring her with me.

I feel this is the part we miss when moving forward in wholeness.   We think, if I open my closet and all of my bones fall out I have done something wrong. The Ego will seek to protect us, even when we are not in danger.  The Ego will go through great lengths to keep those bones tucked  away.   I say develop the skill of regularly listening to our bones and singing their lullaby.

What I am describing here is a form of self soul retrieval, and if we are aware, open and build this skill, we will not miss our opportunities to call our fragments  home.  The benefits of accepting our wholeness as our true SELF is inner peace. Inner peace equates to outer peace and that is a world worth creating.

Whether you work alone or with someone else, modern day soul retrieval can be achieved through learning about these healing modalities.

  1. Psycho-Spiritual Therapy
  2. Intuitive Life or Soul Coaching
  3. Energy Medicine
  4. Art-Therapy
  5. Photo-Therapy
  6. Shamanism
  7. Nature-Therapy

Creating the life we want is such a sacred practice.  It is the constant weaving of  our light strands and allowing  our tapestry of beauty to unfold.

Hello  Me, I love you…please forgive me…I am sorry….Thank you.  O’oponopono   Dr. Len

face pic

All of me.

Facing The Dark Night Of The Soul

meditation woman

While walking this morning I ran into one of my neighbors, she was limping and I questioned what had happened.  She mentioned she had broke her ankle in January and she was just getting out of the house.  “Ouch, I am so sorry  to hear you are having a rough time”, I told her.  As we parted I could not help but reflect upon my current life experiences.  We are always given just what we need to assist us on our journey to enlightenment. The question is, are we open to receive this wisdom.  Whatever circumstances we create for ourselves, it always seems to lead us closer to who we really are.  At least, this  is what is showing up for me on this leg of my life’s journey.

As I walked home I was grateful I  had not manifested a broken ankle to set me down, but realized I had indeed manifested a symbolic broken ankle. For the last month or so, my life has come to a screeching hault. Movement into each day has been emotionally painful and all I can do is sit.  The space I require away from others has increased ten fold and my perceptions of my experiences are gloomy and heavy to say the least.

Hmmmmmm…… I’ve been here before. In other times in my life, this life phase has been triggered by  trauma, so this time, I did not recognize it, however I know this feeling.  “Facing the dark night of the soul” is what spiritual teachers call it.

For me, it is a time of feeling the bottom has dropped out of my life and I am free falling with no net. Deep shifts in consciousness are occurring and nothing seems to make sense and everything makes more sense all at the same time.  When facing the dark knight of my soul, I find stillness to be my enemy and friend.  The resistance to be still is strong, as my ego wants to protect me, yet stillness is all that comforts me.  It is in this stillness that I remember  Source Energy, that which we call God, I AM, Oneness and all that is me.

As a spiritual guide and teacher to others this is a very vulnerable place.  To share this this part of my journey brings both fear and relief.  Our egos will play tricks on us by telling us we are unworthy or not good enough, to keep us from going deeper.  Our little ‘I” will bring forth feelings of shame and convince us we have to protect ourselves which means me must remain silent.

There is a difference between entering into the silence or stillness for reflection and being silent because of fear and shame.  I have found in my walks with the Dark Night, that I am lead to long moments of stillness.  There is nothing else to do. The Dark Night reminds me to BE.

As a practitioner this is my most important work. Without these times of of emptying, reflecting and rebuilding I can not be a vessel of Truth.

A wise healer said to me, if we do not engage in deep breathing as a practice, we  breathe from stale air because our lungs never fully empty.  So it is true for our emotional and spiritual bodies, at some point in our involution we will need to empty everything so we can regenerate from a refreshed and renewed state.

If the dark night of the soul has called you to empty, I encourage you to gather your courage and be still.  Here are a few tips that have helped me along the way.

  • Seek support but do not let it become another distraction from being still.  Connect with someone who can hold space for you, and not just  give you answers.
  • Spend lots of time in nature. Long walks at the beach and in the woods. Back porch gazing at the sunsets or sun rises can bring a sense of calm in your storm.
  • Engage in sacred writing.  This is one of my favorites, develop a style of writing that suits your needs
  • Listen to inspiring spiritual teachers everyday. There are a plethora of podcasts, audiobooks and web streaming available.  I listen to at least 15 minutes a day of my favorite authors and motivational speakers.
  • Lastly, share your story appropriately. Storytelling is the oldest healing modality there is. Healing for both the teller and the listener,  do not underestimate this ancient art of healing.

If you facing the dark night of the soul or a rough spot in your life’s journey, may LOVE of ALL comfort you and gently nourish you home.


Chonteau  is currently working on her next affirmational journal, a compilation of nature pictures from her garden in her times of stillness. She has just completed “Daily Meditations for Healers” a MP3 download which can be found at this link. 

Make Every Sunday Your Mother’s Day


I was talking with my sistar friend and she asked me how my Mother’s Day was.  I told her it was really nice, though it was a special day, it looked like most of my Sundays with more physical  gifts. HIstorically,  Mother’s Day is a day when mothers are appreciated and get to do what they want to do. “Leave your mom alone it’s Mother’s Day” is what I heard growing up. This was the one day of the year my mom did not have to worry about her children bothering the stew out of her.

There was a time in my not so distant past that I was afraid to ask for what I wanted and needed from my family.  If I was home, especially on a weekend, I felt like I needed be doing something for them or at the very least be available for them when they needed me.  If I wanted time alone, I had to leave the house.  This changed 6 years ago when my father made his transition across the veil and an interesting thing happened, my family left me alone.  I started spending long evenings on my front porch when everyone was home. I spent hours every Sunday in my garden working through my feelings and no one bothered me. No one called my name or tried to look for me, they were fine and I felt no guilt spending so much time with ME.  When I was needed, I supported them and went back to my inner space.

As time went on and wounds began to heal around my grief,  I found I did not need so much alone time to process my grief, however the sacred me time I had rediscovered during my mourning was a gift in the midst of one of the hardest times of my life. I did not want to give it up. What was I going to do? Was I going to make up excuses for stepping away from my family or was I going to be honest  and ask for what I needed?  It took some working through and having some very honest discussions with myself first about how much I valued myself.

I began to examine the stories I had been telling myself of why my family “needed” me and exploring what being a “good” mom and wife meant.  I began to to dismantle and detangle my beliefs from old outdated societal  programing from peers, and my upbringing.  I began to explore my own codependent patterns and I made some choices about what I wanted.

I have learned, I need to continue these inner conversations  to help maintain a sense of harmony. It is about being more mindful  and noticing what I am feeling about motherhood and worthiness. In other words it is an ongoing process of self discovery.

Whether you have physically birthed a child into the world or not, we all have an inner mother that needs a Mother’s Day everyday or at the very least every Sunday.

Make every Sunday your Mother’s Day by working with  these journal prompts:

  1. What stories, or thoughts do you have about being a good mother?
  2.  What was your relationship like with your mother as a child?
  3. Have you explored the inner nurturer that lives in you?
  4. Are you willing to spend time away from your family while they are home with you? why or why not?
  5. What has society, peers, and your culture taught you about being a “good” mother?
  6. Who have been your examples of a spiritual mother?
  7. What soul nourishing practices do you do to support your daily life?
  8. Explore your favorite parts of Mother’s Day and give yourself permission to ask for this every week, of yourself and others.  Notice any resistance to this request and explore the resistance with compassion.

Final notes: Sacred writing can be a very empowering tool to self discovery and growth. Be very gentle with yourself as you enter into this sacred space.  Be sure to seek support as needed from your healing practitioner.


Earth Day Is Everyday

Nature is not just my mother, but my father, siblings, aunties, uncles and cousins. Basically, Nature is my kinfolk and I welcome opportunities to get to know Nature and her many dimensions  all tIMG_1389he time.  I would definitely say, I have awakened my earthen soul and celebrating Earth Day has very little to do with it.

I know, I know, all us spiritified generation Xer’s and others,  love our Earth Day celebrations.  We get all dressed up in our eco friendly clothing and jump from one festival to the next all weekend long. We eat vegan food,  look for crystals and gemstones in every form and listen to pretty cool bands.  If we are feeling adventurous, we take a jaunt to WholeFoods and partake in the free samples and discounts, and let’s not  forget the drum circle to complete the weekend.

This however, this not the way of deepening our relationship with  Nature. In order to develop and maintain a solid relationship with Nature, I have to put my ear to the ground and listen, which means, I have to slow down and stop. My earthen soul is that part of myself that is nature. She is the part of me that is the howling winds, tall trees and peaceful lakes. She is the part of me that understands, before I can respect planet earth, I have to respect planet Chonteau and when I am respecting planet Chonteau, I am respecting planet earth because we are kinfolk.

Earth Day had its resurgence in 1990. It was that year  I asked my dad what he was going to do for Earth Day.  He said “plant a tree”. Every year after that until I left home, on Earth Day, we planted a tree in the backyard of my childhood home. The next year was spent nurturing that tree until it was strong.

Earth Day is everyday, because everyday I remind myself that I need to be in my  body. I choose to be presenIHM seriest.  I think the earth suffers when we as a nation are absent from who we really are. The more we check out of our bodies the more the earth dies. The principle of correspondence teaches us that, “as above so below; as below so above”.

It is time to Awaken Your Earthen Soul and not just get in your body but stay there.  By respecting, trusting and nourishing planet human we respect, trust and nourish  planet earth.

Check out this short Free webseries which will help us slow down and  connect deeply with nature

Awaken Your Earthen Soul 

January New Moon Ritual

Happy New Year!! Welcome 2016!!  I always like the New Moon of the new year.  It has always seemed extra  special and sets a tone for the coming months.  I take extra time andwords matter create a small ceremony that I include  family and friends, however, personal ritual is just fine too and sometimes I prefer it.  Do not let distance keep you from doing ritual with your community. There are numerous video chat free apps out there,  which  makes it easy to be with one another.

This new moon ritual is about reclaiming the blessings in your life. Many of us forget that the words we say on a daily basis have vibrational impact on our lives.  I once gave a client the task of counting how many times she called someone a “dimwit”.  After two days she said she was up to 20.  I  told her that she was not just  calling others a “dimwit” but she was calling herself that too.  Words are not discriminate as to who they go to. We say it and WE receive it. That means we are cursing or blessing our lives everyday.



What you will need:

  1. a piece of paper or cardstock any color.
  2. a pen or pencil any color but not red
  3. a red marker
  4. candle of your choosing
  5. tissues

On the eve of the  new moon set aside some time in which you will be alone or if you are with others when you can come together for at least 30 minutes or more if you are in a group. Say a prayer to open your sacred space.  Light your candle as a symbol for The Oneness, Creator, Divine Presence, God or Goddess (you get the idea).  Invoke your  heavenly support.

Using your pen  draw a line down the middle of the paper  and on one side, at the top  write down THE LIES and on the other side at the top, right down MY BLESSINGS.  Now you start writing down the lies in  one, or two word phrases, these are the names you have been giving to your life.  For example: troubled, hard, dumb, fat etc. As you right them, feel them, feel the impact they have made in your life.

Next write down the blessings, these are the new words which are the contrast to the lies.  For example: perfect, effortless, brilliant, loveable etc.  Write the blessings directly across from the lies.  Feel these names and how impactful they could be on  your life if you were to allow them in.

Next, go back to the lies and as you read them, cross them out with your red marker, and then read your blessing. Do this for each one.  When you are done, sit with your paper and and just feel the experience. Feel the power of your words and make a vow that you NOW WILL be kinder and gentler to yourself. Close your ceremony with a prayer  or song.  Write in your journal  and ground yourself by going outside, if you are no already, and walk on the earth.

On the new moon, hang up your project o you can see it everyday. Focus on reading the blessings everyday until the next new moon.  Journal the changes in your life.

I would love to hear how you are working with this new moon ritual and how it is supporting you throughout the month.  Words are power. We have the power to curse or bless our lives. This year  is about resetting our lives and running a new program, so let it start with what comes out of our mouths every day.

Be Blessed