Earth Day Is Everyday

Nature is not just my mother, but my father, siblings, aunties, uncles and cousins. Basically, Nature is my kinfolk and I welcome opportunities to get to know Nature and her many dimensions  all tIMG_1389he time.  I would definitely say, I have awakened my earthen soul and celebrating Earth Day has very little to do with it.

I know, I know, all us spiritified generation Xer’s and others,  love our Earth Day celebrations.  We get all dressed up in our eco friendly clothing and jump from one festival to the next all weekend long. We eat vegan food,  look for crystals and gemstones in every form and listen to pretty cool bands.  If we are feeling adventurous, we take a jaunt to WholeFoods and partake in the free samples and discounts, and let’s not  forget the drum circle to complete the weekend.

This however, this not the way of deepening our relationship with  Nature. In order to develop and maintain a solid relationship with Nature, I have to put my ear to the ground and listen, which means, I have to slow down and stop. My earthen soul is that part of myself that is nature. She is the part of me that is the howling winds, tall trees and peaceful lakes. She is the part of me that understands, before I can respect planet earth, I have to respect planet Chonteau and when I am respecting planet Chonteau, I am respecting planet earth because we are kinfolk.

Earth Day had its resurgence in 1990. It was that year  I asked my dad what he was going to do for Earth Day.  He said “plant a tree”. Every year after that until I left home, on Earth Day, we planted a tree in the backyard of my childhood home. The next year was spent nurturing that tree until it was strong.

Earth Day is everyday, because everyday I remind myself that I need to be in my  body. I choose to be presenIHM seriest.  I think the earth suffers when we as a nation are absent from who we really are. The more we check out of our bodies the more the earth dies. The principle of correspondence teaches us that, “as above so below; as below so above”.

It is time to Awaken Your Earthen Soul and not just get in your body but stay there.  By respecting, trusting and nourishing planet human we respect, trust and nourish  planet earth.

Check out this short Free webseries which will help us slow down and  connect deeply with nature

Awaken Your Earthen Soul 

Author: Chonteáu

Often called a Modern Day Medicine Woman, Chonteau offers soul support and guidance to her clients. She specializes in soul retrieval, archetypical and deep soul work. She mainly supports Lightworkers and healers feel more grounded and centered while balancing their practices and their personal lives.

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