Grow You Own Kombucha SCOBY

It was my husband who first introduced me to kombucha quite a  number of years ago. I must admit when I first tried it I did not like it.  I continued to drink it because I knew it was good for me and after a while I found flavors I enjoyed.   As an herbalist I was drawn to the hibiscus, red clover,  lavender and other herbal varieties.  I would see all those brightly colored bottles at the health food store and my curiosity bubbled over with how to make it.  I started watching youtube videos of how to make your own kombucha and I must admit it did not make me feel confident that I could do it.  It seemed so confusing.  I decided making kombucha was not for me and I continued to buy from my local store.  Every now and then I would run across an article or a video and dream of making kombucha on my own.  My biggest dilemma, was where was I going to get a SCOBY or a culture, I was not fond of ordering one from off line.

I can not remember how, but someone gave me a SCOBY which stands for  symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. I finally had the opaque rubbery disk that I considered my kombucha gold.   I was so excited. This was my chance.  I researched for days, read countless articles and downloaded pages of instructions.  When it was time to get started I was so confused and overwhelmed I couldn’t do it. My kombucha gold piece  dried up and ended up in the garbage. Not a highlight in my kombucha making career.

Years past and  few years ago I acquired another SCOBY.  This time I asked the person that gave it too me lots of questions.  I wrote everything down and she assured me it was easy.  “Okay” I said to myself, I can do this and I convinced myself I was going to make my own kombucha.   Guess what?! I did make my own kombucha and I made a lot of it  and the family loved it.  I loved making kombucha so much I started facilitating  a few classes and teaching people how easy it was. Everyone I have taught has continued  to make their own kombucha with ease.

Okay so what’s next,  Growing my own SCOBY.  Growing my own SCOBY turned out to be easier than I thought.  In fact I really do not know what took me so long.  I decided to create this video  for anyone who has been intimated to grow their own SCOBY.  I talk you through the steps  and show you my end results.  I will also post a part two video which will show you how make your next batch of kombucha.

Have fun kombucha warriors.


Author: Chonteáu

Often called a Modern Day Medicine Woman, Chonteau offers soul support and guidance to her clients. She specializes in soul retrieval, archetypical and deep soul work. She mainly supports Lightworkers and healers feel more grounded and centered while balancing their practices and their personal lives.

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