Healing The Feminine Consciousness Through Mourning

No matter how hard we try, we can not get away from the Law of Reflection. Did you know that everyone in our view is a reflection of some aspect of ourselves. The challenging aspects we see in others, is ready to be acknowledged and healed within ourselves.

I am not just a Healer, I am a Sacred Healer, which means, I have a greater awareness that my own healing, supports the healing work I do with others. Sacred Healers understand that healing is not just for the ones who come to see us,  but we call forth those people and circumstances in our lives to support our healing too.

I took a survey of my client circle and realized a great portion of those whom I am serving, are walking through unresolved grief. I can chalk this up as a coincidence or I can embrace, that I too have parts of myself, that are ready to mourn their losses.

It is easy for Healers to talk about the Law of Reflection when our loving, beautiful and abundant selves are being reflected back to us, but what about when our Shadow selves are being reflected back to us? What happens when our view contains judgement, anger, sadness and grief, are we just as wiling to face these “darker” elements of our consciousness?

Yesterday, I found myself “face down in the arena” of life, sobbing, trying to understand what part of me was sad. Through quite a bit of weaving through my thoughts and feelings,  I was able to hold the part of myself  that was grieving.  She  needed to be loved, held and assured that her feelings were valid.  I called a friend and cried. I gave no apologies for feeling, I simply allowed this part of of me to be present and vulnerable.

I believe there is a movement to heal the feminine consciousness across this planet.  She is coming to the surface of our lives whether  we like it or not. The Feminine Spirit has been suppressed and forced underground.  While underground she has been gathering her strength, and nourishment. She has been remembering, and now she emerges like the great phoenix. She is emerging in each of us. Her message is clear;  feel, release the pain and fear we have kept inside.

Somewhere along the way we learned the outward expression of our  feminine nature of emotions was weak and wrong. Truth be told, it has been the acceptance of my intense emotions and feelings that has been my greatest power. When I remembered this truth yesterday, my grief dissipated and a feeling of calm and centeredness  took its place.

It was a beautiful moment….

Consider these insights when  exploring ways to connect with your feminine consciousness and allow her to rise:

  1. Accept that we move through all the seasons of life. birth, growth, letting go/slowing down and death/stillness and give yourself permission to experience each season fully.

  2. Take every opportunity to nurture your womb and do your womb healing work.

  3. Heal your ancestral connections.  We carry our histories within our bodies. Learning to heal these wounds brings a freedom that can not be denied.

  4. Invite ceremony into your life. Embrace ways to create sacred spaces for  meditation and praying.

  5. Invite ways to express your femininity. How does the feminine spirit wish to be expressed in you.

  6. Explore all of your senses.

  7. The outward expression of grief is called mourning. Give yourself permission to mourn.

Think  of these insights and pick one to try over the next 30 days.  Let me know how it works out. Healing the Feminine Consciousness across the planet begins right here in the heart. As we cultivate, nurture and protect our Rite it spreads like a mighty web, strong enough to hold us all.


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Author: Chonteáu

Often called a Modern Day Medicine Woman, Chonteau offers soul support and guidance to her clients. She specializes in soul retrieval, archetypical and deep soul work. She mainly supports Lightworkers and healers feel more grounded and centered while balancing their practices and their personal lives.

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