Individual Sessions

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 Chonteáu has several types of individual sessions

Inner Peace is waiting for you.

 Healing Sessions and Apprenticeship Opportunities

Healing Sessions are available remotely and in person.  Please complete the application for a free consultation    if you would like to schedule an appointment. Someone from our Care Consultants Team will notify you to schedule an appointment.

I provide a safe and loving space for you to explore who you are at the deepest level. Whether you choose to use your gifts for others or for more personal reasons,  I help my clients and students  develop and build their spiritual tools, so they have access to the innate abilities within them.  I support my clients awaken their star seed consciousness so they may unlock their power grid and live with freedom.

If you are an awakening Spiritual Arts Practitioner, I will help you build your confidence by supporting your inward journey to uncover your greatest healer within.

Healers in the spiritual arts are seeking to go deeper with our clients and we are ready to expand our healing practices. We are ready to release old, outdated paradigms that are keeping us small and  ready to heal on multiple levels, so we may usher in new Light strands for planetary change. I love holding space for alternative healers, Reiki Masters, Herbalist, Angel Therapists, Mediums Empaths and others,  to explore all aspects of themselves. We dive into parts/archetypal work and create a sacred space for healing and expansion.

I support my clients by using modern coaching practices, ancient  spirituality,  guided wisdom and Divinely guided healing methods, ie creating ritual, meditation, mindfulness,  seasonal living, energy and herbal medicine.

I offer Shamanic Intuitive Readings using my Herbal Oracle Stones and other companion oracle cards. These readings are varied  and unique and provide deep insight into your life and healing journey.  No fortune telling here, these sessions are intended bring insight into your wellbeing as a whole person.  Shamanic Intuitive Reading go here.

Everyone’s needs are unique, which is why my individual  sessions are customized. Some people require long term support, while others may need only one session.

Apprenticeship Program

I am now accepting  apprenticeship inquiries for our S.A.C.R.E.D. Healers Apprenticeship Program.  This  is a 12 month program which teaches  the shamanic arts : sacred ceremonies for women, energy medicine, and herbal education and deep inner healing work.

Please go to the apprenticeship page to obtain the details about our unique program and then reach out through our contact page.

Intuitive Pricing~ Depends upon services provided


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