Intuitive Herbal Mentor Academy

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This video is from the 2017 Florida Herbal Conference.  We had  wonderful time sharing the wise woman way of living and being.  I look forward to supporting you in your herbal journey.

Using herbs and natural remedies to care for ourselves and our communities is a process. I am here to be your guide and mentor through this exciting process. Our academy is going into its forth year and we are going though a major face life.

We will have a brand new format and site for our academy.  Intuitive Herbal Mentor Academy  is live and one of our prized e-courses at Soul Care University.

Our Academy focuses on the wise woman way of healing with herbs and nature. We will explore concepts of deepening our relationships with the plants our environment and ourselves. The wisdom our green allies share with us on a daily basis is unprecedented. I have created this academy to honor the deep wisdom nature provides for us and give students an opportunity to learn the wise woman way of living in this world.

Please go to or new Intuitive Herbal Mentor Academy Page to get a sneak peak at our updated program. Listen to the video and read over what you will be learning. Follow this link

The magic happens in our virtual herbal cottage. The herbal cottage is where  we connect with one another, share remedies, recipes, medicine making techniques, connect on a soul level and receive ongoing support.  It is the foundation of our herbal program. You must have facebook to participate in this portion.

The online Intuitive Herbal Academy is self paced and allows for students to explore basic and intermediate intuitive herbal skills,  shamanic and deep transformational ideologies.


Meet Shelley Briand. She  is the owner of Bobcat Herbals. She identifies with  Folk Herbalism and is a Wellness Professional.   Shelley specializes in supporting postpartum moms develop and implement workable holistic  plans for caring for themselves and their families. Shelley has worked very closely with me over several years learning the ways of a “Wise Woman”. She is  the primary instructor and mentor in our herbal academy.

Is Intuitive Herbal Mentor For You?

Intuitive Herbal Mentor is not your typical herbal learning program. The emphasis is on developing a system of learning about herbs, nature and our interconnection. Rather than botanical memorization,  we focus on experiencing each green ally on its  many levels and honing our green spiritual wisdom. We focus on what the herbs have to teach us about ourselves so that we may show up in our healing practices and lives with greater authenticity.

Intuitive Herbal Mentor Academy Overview

This program is divided up into 9 modules that are timed released every 30 days. In each module, students have the opportunity to listen to recorded classes on our monthly lesson, watch videos from our video library, learn medicine making techniques and have fun with weekly assignments. Each month we will  cover a new herbal ally. Modules include: Susun Weed’s seven steps of healing, the wise woman way basics, herbs for spiritual cleansing, herbal rituals, signature of the doctrines, creating a materia medica and herbal journal, wildcrafting, mindfulness, intuitive skill building, seasonal living, herbal energetics, basic herbal medicine preparations: infusions, tinctures, oils, syrups, salves and much much more. Course includes one monthly live call for herbal mentoring.

Intuitive  Herbal Mentor is Now Open for Learning

Tuition investment is $149.00 for each 3 month semester or $51.00 each month.  Length of the course is 9 months.

If you are looking for a self paced intuitive herbal program that focuses on deepening your understanding of sacred plant medicine, building relationships with nature,  others and yourself while learning basic herbal medicine preparations then this program is for you.