Nature’s Lullabies

Songs have been a part of my life for a really long time. I have many memories of feeling like a lonely teenager, however, there were two things  I loved: listening to the wDrum Chants for the Soulind and singing the songs that came on the wind.

I know that may sound really strange, but for me I didn’t just hear the wind, I heard the lullabies of nature and I always would sing what I heard.  These songs brightened my spirits and called me home to a place that was safe and secure… it brought me home to me.

This morning while reflecting on the last 6 months of my life’s walk, I simply had no words.  While sitting outside, all I could hear were nature’s lullabies.  I could feel my mother’s spirit, as I recalled memories of being awakened every Sunday morning with her songs ringing through the house.  I could feel my grandmother’s spirit, as I recalled memories of her humming and telling me stories of  days long past.

Woven in  our tapestries of loving memories, are our healing songs. I never wondered where they came from, for me they always came on the wind. This morning, these healing prayers came on the wind and I share them with you.  They are my stories  of change, surrendering and acceptance.

My intention is that you make space for the songs carried in your heart to grow wings and fly on the wind.

May peace be with you forever.

For all four  healing chants  go to:  this link  it is my gift to you.

Heart Resonance Drum Chant:  Listen by clicking start.

Author: Chonteáu

Often called a Modern Day Medicine Woman, Chonteau offers soul support and guidance to her clients. She specializes in soul retrieval, archetypical and deep soul work. She mainly supports Lightworkers and healers feel more grounded and centered while balancing their practices and their personal lives.

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