Self Care Is A Journey

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I would definitely say the term “self care”  is trending right now.  Every women’s magazine has an article about ways to take care of yourself, from weekly ritual baths,  to girls nights out on the town.  There are tips for setting boundaries with others and eating healthy foods, all in the name of self care.

My life coaching business is centered around guiding middle-aged women through the terrain of self care but self care is not always easy.  I have found there are various levels of self care or soul nourishment,  what I prefer to call it, and when one truly commits to soul nourishment…. well, hold onto your socks, because your life is going to turn into “Mr Toad’s Wild Ride”. Why would I say that? Soul nourishment  aka self care is supposed to be fun right? When I focus on my self care I get to have massages,  pedicures and buy new clothes. I take myself out to dinner and hang with my girlfriends.  We get to pretend our lives are perfect by distracting ourselves with our children’s school issues or complain to each other about all the wrongdoings in the world. Can you tell I am kinda over it.  That is not self care.

A couple of years ago decided to write a book about self care.  However I did not want it to be the cookie cutter  14 tips to self care book, it was very important that I share some of my journey as a middle ager. I wanted to share some challenges, but mostly introspective strategies of how to change who we are.  There, I said it, self care in my definition  is about change. Actually it is about deep inner change, and we all know what happens next…. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

My self care practices have evolved over the years, not because I am getting older but because I am becoming more aware. Self care used to be about gardening, pottery classes and going out to eat.  It evolved to daily meditation, going to church and focusing on my spiritual life. I am now at the stage in my life when self care is more about soul nourishment and learning to love myself just as I am. I love eating wholesome, but when I don’t, do I love myself still and have the courage to explore what I do not want  to face. Gardening and meditating are still part of my life but I have learned to embrace so much more.

An 84 Day Self Care Journey For Women In Their Middle Years is a simple but profoundly deep self help  journal that focuses on the steps of how to change and renew ones life.  For many middle age women,  we have put of our dreams on a shelf and  midlife is when we go back to that shelf, dust off our dreams and re-dream something new.  The only way to do this is to commit to our soul nourishment, that’s the key. We must put ourselves first and that my friend is no easy task.

I will get you started, here are the first 7 days of An 84 Day Self Care Journey For Women In Their Middle Years:

  1. Day One:  Renewal of self begins with the commitment to doing the inner work.  Today I commit to doing the work.  
  2. Day Two:  Today I make a list of what parts of my life the need renewing.
  3. Day Three:  Today I remind myself that change is a process that last a life time. There are no shortcuts to renewing our Spirits. Today I continue to stay committed to the process. 
  4. Day Four:  Our relationships play a vital role in our lives. Today I contemplate my relationships. I ask myself which relationship are hurting me and which are helping me?
  5. Day Five:  Today’s Affirmation: I deserve to have healthy and happy relationships in my life. 
  6. Day Six:  First 5 days on our renewal journey is complete. Congrats on committing to your self care.  Today I meditate on the last 5 days. 
  7. Day Seven:  Rest

Self care or Soul Nourishment  is a journey and I never expect to reach the end, what fun would that be? A life without twirls, turns bumps and humps is just no fun at all.  I happen to like  Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, what about you?

Author: Chonteáu

Often called a Modern Day Medicine Woman, Chonteau offers soul support and guidance to her clients. She specializes in soul retrieval, archetypical and deep soul work. She mainly supports Lightworkers and healers feel more grounded and centered while balancing their practices and their personal lives.

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