Soul Care University


Soul Care University is a distance learning, virtual empowerment center. We are focus on providing thoughtful and  creative e-courses and programs that focus on soul nourishment from a “wise woman” perspective.

I love creating program content that supports  women develop their spirituality, wake up their inner wise woman,  and deepen their relationships with themselves and nature. We are galactic beings, and shinning stars and our very best life is waiting for us.

 I founded SCU as a  vehicle to share the programs I love to create and invite other teachers who are passionate about soul nourishment as I am, to share their wisdom and expertise to our global community.

I look forward to sharing our wisdom with you. In the coming months you will see more offerings on our sister site.

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Meet Our Soul Care University Team

Chonteau Founder, CO

Chonteau is the Founder and Chief Operator of Soul Care U.  She seeks out Guest Faculty and develops program content for our e-courses.

Current Courses:  Awaken Your Feminine Power With Grandmother Moon, Sacred Healing Garden, Intuitive Herbal Academy 

Shelley Briand Program Coordinator, Herbal Instructor

Shelley Briand is our Program Coordinator. She is the owner of Bobcat Herbals and  identifies with  Folk Herbalism and is a Wellness Professional. Shelley is completing her certification as a Yoga Instructor. Shelley specializes in supporting postpartum moms develop and implement workable holistic  plans for caring for themselves and their families. She is our herbal instructor and primary mentor in our herbal academy.

Current Courses: Intuitive Herbal Mentor

Devi Devita Mosley, Natural Artist Galactic Time Instructor

Priestess Devi Devita will be providing courses on Galactic Time and Natural Living here at Soul Care U.  As a Natural Artist, Devi Devita is here to support us in our remembrance that we are living oracles. She comes to us with over 22 years of studying and  living in alignment with Galactic Time and beyond.

FREE WEBINAR: Intro to Galactic Consciousness  RELEASE DATE 10/19/17

Soul Time Podcast with Chonteau

Soul Time Podcast 

Soul Time Podcast focuses on preserving ancient wisdom and folk medicine in its various forms. We talk with community healers that honor the wise woman way of living. We celebrate folk healers and those who are committed to keeping these ancient traditions alive.

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Current Courses and Programs

Meditation E-Courses:

Sacred Tree Grounding Meditation

Great Eagle Guided Meditation

Creating Your Sacred Healing Garden

Herbal Wisdom E-Courses

Intuitive Herbal Mentor Academy 

Virtual Groups

In-Person Workshops and Classes

I am currently teaching Mediation Classes at Pure  Yoga For Life Studio in Clermont. 

  • Sunday Meditation and Tea 10:30 am- Guided Imagery Group Class
  • Wednesday Mediation 7:30 pm- Meditation for Soul Growth


``I Believe All Women Are Healers``

– Chonteáu