Standing Tall


One year ago this month I left the pseudo security of my profession and employment of 20 plus years and ventured off into the rewarding and risky life of a full time entrepreneur.  This year has not been without challenges and triumphs and I have learned a lot about standing tall.  I’ll tell you though,  I had an unlikely companion join me on my journey.

I like to think we met at just the right time.  I was  on my daily morning walk, it was a path I have walked for years.  This day,  my eye caught a brilliant yellow.  Growing on the edge of a field was a   patch of goldenrod weeds. In my herbal studies I have learned, to truly know a plant’s medicines it is best to journey with that plant for a least one year.  I also learned the importance of visiting  plants in their habitat as many times as you can within each season.  Somehow my new green  friend knew, I needed her wisdom.

In Florida, goldenrod (Solidago) blooms from late September through December.  Her amazing golden flowers stretch out from the main stalk in rows. The stems and  golden  flowers  look like arms stretched out to heaven.  Goldenrod has one major stalk that  is tall, sturdy and strong. Her stalk  reminds me of a spine and the leaves look like our vertebrae. To me, her taste is a combination of  sweet and pungent. She makes a wonderful herbal infusion and  has been known as a seasonal allergy remedy and has wonderful anti inflammatory  properties.  Goldenrod literally looks like a rod sticking out of the ground. I have used goldenrod as a tincture, syrup, facial toner, and infusion.

Every day I went for a walk and I would commune with my green friend.  Even when the appeal of those magnificent flowers were gone, I continued to greet her every morning.  There were times when I struggled to see my own blooms of my business.  It was hard to stand tall on many days but each time I passed goldenrod I was reminded that I would bloom again.  There were months when goldenrod did not grow.  She was at a standstill in her expansion.  However she reminded me that when we are not expanding outward we are deepening inward.  We are gathering our strength and tools for our emergence.  Do not worry she told me just keep standing tall.

This month, I had my herbal students come for a day long class and we spent some time with goldenrod.  While I prepared for the class,  I realized how much goldenrod had taught me.  She taught me to have a backbone and not to be afraid to reach for my highest potential.  She also showed me how to stretch my arms out wide to  receive and surrender.  She reminded me in times of stillness, just because I do not see any growth, does not mean it is not happening.

It was when my herbal stphoto (25)students and I sat around goldenrod, I  realized how much she had supported me throughout the year.  We sat around her singing a goldenrod song and she called us all to  stand up and reach for the gold in our lives. She called us to be open and receive our blessings.  I gathered some of her golden  flowers and leaves and made a syrup.  I drink a little each day and as I do I am reminded to not to worry but stand still and keep stretching for gold.



This morning I woke up and went on my morning walk.  I began wondering what unlikely companion was going to join me this year. I do not know…. but I am so excited to find out.

Our Women’s  Intuitive Herbal Mentor Online  Program reopens in January 2015. We will start in April 2015.  I am open to mentoring 5 amazing women who are ready to learn from the plants like they have never done before.  We do not just learn about the plants we learn about ourselves and build our wise woman wisdom for life.


Author: Chonteáu

Often called a Modern Day Medicine Woman, Chonteau offers soul support and guidance to her clients. She specializes in soul retrieval, archetypical and deep soul work. She mainly supports Lightworkers and healers feel more grounded and centered while balancing their practices and their personal lives.

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