I Am Not Of The Love And Light Generation

I remember when my Master  asked me, as I was receiving a Reiki session from her, “what gets you upset, what bothers you?”  I confidently said, “nothing, I am always in good nature and happy.”

She laughed… loudly.

I was thinking,  I just spent the last 6 years of my life convincing myself that I was not a hot mess, I had healed those wounds and transcended all my anger and sadness. So how in a matter of 5 minutes did this woman see all of my pain, when I worked so hard to keep it hidden?

She knew it the same way I know it now. All us spiritually awakened folk, will avoid painful and uncomfortable feelings at all cost.  We believe the goal is to transcend such lower vibration feelings so we can forever operate in the Light. Interesting, that we have projected our judgements and prejudices  of many of  our human feelings, thinking that The Light does not contain ALL.

For a long time ( I can only speak for the last 28 years of my spiritual journey) a good portion of the  holistic new age community has lived in the Either-Or paradigm.  I am being positive or negative, there has been no room for the AND. I feel the time is now for the shift.

I remember attending classes and groups that we were to focus on increasing our Light Quotient, releasing fear, anger and other lower vibration emotions so we could be of love and light. We were to only focus on positive experiences. I worked very hard for 6 years to cover my shit with new age bliss. It took all but 5 minutes for a very humble master to call me out.

Hmmmm….. is anyone else connecting the dots. Could our current political and social climate be directly connected to the suppression of our collective pain, wounds and feelings of inner disconnection?

Is anyone else in the Spiritual community willing to face that we have collectively created this reality that we see before our eyes?  Is anyone willing to take full responsibility for what the I is creating with other I’s?  Thus, by not facing, and healing the parts of ourselves that are warring, suppressing, oppressing, traumatizing, discriminating and judging both our masculine and feminine natures, we continue to have more of the same.

Note: I said facing and healing, not just jumping to transcending. Some folk wisdom still hold true today. “There are no shortcuts in life” my dad used to say. Nature does not skip steps, there is a chaotic order to all things in nature.  Yet in this  Great Awakening, some of us want to skip steps.

My frustration with my “new age” community is this, so many folks are looking for ways to feel better and understand what is going on with them.  They are looking for how to love themselves and many are being pulled into an arena that address pieces and not the whole. We are Light  and Dark, Affirming and Negating. We are All.

“Hello darkness my old friend, I have come to talk to you again” Simon and Garfunkel . I  Love this line because when I don’t talk to my darkness or acknowledge  and be with my old friend, not only will she consume me but she will show up right in front me.

As the Grandmothers say, “We are re visioning the world“.  We have incredible energy behind us supporting this deep inner work to heal from the inside out.  The world  we vision does not have to be our pain covered by love. We can re vision a beautiful new loving world that may be painful to birth, but  once here is free of the past.

Here’s the thing, The Golden Age of Light is a paradigm  of Love and Light, it is the Awakening and Embracing of ALL and suppression none.


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